Uncork’d Schedules They Talk For May Release In US

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Jun 20, 2012
Next month, They Talk About Bruno — Giorgio Bruno, that is, director of many Italian horror movies. His latest is headed for the American market in May, and Uncork’d is distributing.
They Talk carries a similar plot to Brian DePalma’s Blow Out, but that movie is forty years old so you can’t accuse Bruno of cashing in on a hot trend. Alex works as a sound engineer, and he’s shooting a documentary when he catches some weird noises in the audio. Somehow, he’s figured out a way to record the dead. But there’s more going on than that…the spirits are contacting Alex on purpose, attempting to warn him about something…or someone. Their hints are, unfortunately, rather unintelligible so it’s up to Alex to figure out what kind of danger he’s in — before he falls victim to it.
They Talk stars Rocío Muñoz, Sydney White and Margaux Billard, and its script was written by Vinicio Canton, Stefano Ceccarelli and Chiara Barbo. Watch for it on digital and DVD May 10.

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Feb 28, 2013
Ghosts don't scare me anymore. I will even want to see a ghosts because if I see one, it means there is an after life and I will not cease to exist if I die. Back to the film, There was an early 2000s movie titled White Noise and I see some similarities here.
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Apr 27, 2022
The ghosts in this movie have a catch phrase. " Can we make a secret?"