Before CW has the Arrowverse, there is Universe 167, the setting of Smallville. Smallville is a Superman adaptation prequel about Clark Kent’s life before he becomes the man known as Superman. It defined people’s childhood for a whole decade. This show had turned Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, and Erica Durance into television household names. For ten seasons, people follow the story of Clark Kent’s friendship with Lex Luthor before they became full-fledged arch-nemesis.

It is the show’s 20th anniversary and it has been 9 years since it ended. Some of the cast members have an online reunion. Justin Hartley who played Oliver Queen did not made it because he was busy shooting “This is us.” Allison Mack is also one of living cast member who didn’t make the virtual reunion but this time because of her controversies.
The Youtube channel Fandom Spotlight hosted this reunion. It is amazing...

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I was upset that Smallville Season 11 is a comic instead of a series.

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