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  • 'scool. I've got a few things that're gonna keep me from being able to post coming up, so I'll just wait.
    Want to go on dream adventures with Gin and Molly, or just let the poor bastard sleep it off? Sorry to leave him in a position where you might have to wait for stuff to happen. -___- My bad...
    Icefish! There's this crazy ass bot wrecking up the place! Should we try to fight it off then loot, or loot first to beat the crowds?
    Take your time man. I was about to put things on Hiatus anyway until after Christmas. I have shopping to finish and will be busy for the next few days with family and preperations. I might sneak a post in, but for now things will be slow going.

    Get better soon bro.
    Very nice. Wasn't sure if you have invisible yet, but I am happy you did. Not only that but leaving the card foggy gives us some wiggle room. Now Cam has some freedom to do as he pleases. he can head home and get some sleep, or get involved in the next set of events about to take place.

    Or he can wait and join Gin on the little endeavor I'm about to throw his way. You can even be part of that in an unexpected way if you want. I'll send you the details once I have them worked out.
    Give that man a card! Cam I mean...for makeing a connection to Thomas. Not sure what it should be though. Something representing Thomas' rage and Cam's feelings toward how the police reacted. I'm sure one of us can think of something.

    Also if Indigo tries to get a hold of the mayor or something, let me know so I can give you some info on how the guy would react...assuming he would ever take the call.
    Sorry I left things kind of vague for you and Hayato, but if you stick around campus you can have a lovely run in with a few outstanding members of the local police force. That would be fun right, and it would give Cam and Indigo some idea of what they are dealing with on certain internal levels. That makes sense...right?
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