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Yep. For the last six years or so, Takara has done franchise anime. They did the Bakuten Shoot series and then the Transformers stuff. So I'd assume the reason we didn't get a 4th series is because of Ryukendo.

I guess what I want isn't really a second Ryukendo series, but a second Madan Senki series. Takara could have a really good franchise on their hand if they do a second series. Though, I doubt it would get past a third season, that tends to be the cut off for them.


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Ohhh...like Seishin...Yeah, I'd be up for seeing more Madan Senki. Too bad they stopped the Seishin - Toho that is. Even if I really couldn't swallow Sazer X's humor - I tried, really I did, but GS and JR were lots of fun.

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I pretty much felt the same about Sazer X, towards the end it started to get better, but still it was kind of hard to watch. I found the humor just to be really stupid in most cases, it did have its fair share of good humor, but for the most part it was just chessy and a lot of the supporting cast I found to be really annoying, one the comes to mind is Patora, or whatever Gordo's wife was named. I could not stand her.

If there is a second Madan Senki series, I'd watch it though. I find the humor in Ryukendo to be a lot funnier than in Sazer X and it doesn't feel as corny to me as Sazer X did early on during its run. It's a real shame though, Toho really had something going with the Seishin.


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I loved the humor in Sazer X. I want to see another Madan Senki series for the reason that it has potential to be great. And I'm not saying Ryukendo is better than anything else, but I love how entertaining it is. It's trying to be fun 80% of the time and serious the rest. It's not trying to give you a melodramatic plot and thought provoking main characters. It just wants to make you laugh and show you a good time. That's what I appreciate. I have Kamen Rider when I want to get serious. I have Ryukendo when I just want to laugh.

I wish there was more Seishin series too. I didnt like the latter half of Sazer X as much as the first half but that's because they were running out of time and had to rush to wrap it up sooner than expected. Justiriser and Gransazer were pretty good. I would love a Riser X.

a lot of the supporting cast I found to be really annoying, one the comes to mind is Patora, or whatever Gordo's wife was named. I could not stand her.

yeah I wasnt a fan of Gordo's wife either.



Shouchiku Co, JP took it off YT, and every episode (up to 29) was there. And I was on episode 7! I wanted to effin watch!

And I suck at Torrents (you've heard my story about Ryuki)...man, I'm majorly pissed.
I would kill for another Madan Senki series, as I've really been enjoying Ryukendo. You know, give us some new heroes (including a female Madan Warrior), some new villains, and maybe a new setting, and it would probably rock.

Now, off topic slightly, I'm working on a Ryukendo story, and I'm using the three warriors from Ryukendo, but I'm adding an additional, female warrior named RyuEdaOh, who uses a bow named IkiEdaJin. I've got most of her stuff worked out (with some help from people on RB), but I can't come up with an animal to be her JuuOu. Any ideas?
Haha, I got the same thing at RB :anime:

So here's what I said there:

Well, I was going to have her be quiet, but somewhat distrusting of people, and an excellent shot, as she's trained with bows all her life. But as the story goes on, she learns to trust people more, and turns out to be very wise.

I wanna find something special for her, but I don't wanna bring yet another winged JuuOu into the universe, and I'm drawing blanks on other stuff that could work well with the IkiEdaJin bow.

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I'd say a fox would fit her pretty well. If not that, there's tons of other animals that would fit her. Like...bears, lions, tigers, anyone of those could be suited well for her.
Haha, you wouldn't happen to be Hyperdash over at RB, would you? Because he also suggested a fox :laugh:

The other problem is what kind of transformation would it have? Should it just stick with the typical motorcycle?
TV-Nihon is up to 28 IIRC. They have them on their tracker, though some of the torrents aren't well seeded. Someone on RB uploaded a bunch, but they haven't uploaded all that Nihon has put out.
Nope, and at this rate, no more will be appearing. Ryukendo is getting a final upgrade in a week or two though to Ultimate Ryukendo
You're kidding... a second Madan Senki series? Someone did say there was some potential for a franchise here, but not much. Can't say I'm impressed with Ryukendo. Although I do like the upgrade he got in this week's episode to Ultimate Ryukendo. It'll be interesting to see where they go with this sequel.

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http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/9688/1161701428291fp1.jpg - This is supposed to be a picture of him.

I can see a lot of potential in there for a franchise. Especially with the backstory for GekiRyuKen, they could always make a series about him as a human. But this Ryuuoukendo seems like it's going to take place waaay the hell after the end of Ryukendo. At least we'll be getting a female warrior this time around.

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