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Since there is a new Tokusatsu series coming up in April. It's Tomica Heroes Rescue Force. I thought I should watch Ryukendo. :)

So I watched episode 1 and 2, I thought it was pretty cool. Those monsters are very interesting.

The grunts are so much reminds me of Barmia soldiers from Abaranger. I have to say I love those grunts!

I laughed because Kenji called Juushirou Fudou "Old man". :laugh:

I'm hoping that I would be able to finish this show right before the new series, Tomica Heroes Rescue Force.

I'm looking forward to see episode 3 and more. BTW, I watch Ryukendo from VEOH. Also, I checked on Ebay to see if there are any available to buy DVD. Unfortunately, none.

What's your thought of this show?


Ryukendo is fucking awesome. That's really all there is to say. First off, best end theme song ever - and the "soccer game" vignette is a perfect accompaniment. I've recently watched Dekaranger, Boukenger, and Magiranger and not a single one ever comes close to touching it as a series. I thought it's cartoonish sense of humor would become a turn-off, and I could see where it could be for some, but for me it became an intergral part of the series flavor. I think you're going to be very happy you finally decided to catch the show.


I loved Ryukendo. It started off a bit slow for me, and I took a break from it at around Episode 20-ish. But the latter part of the show was great; I came to love all the characters, and even the humor. Glad you started watching, it's good stuff.

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The show begins to get awesome when they start throwing in the theme song during fight scenes. :buttrock:

Be prepared for an amazing arc with the 3rd warrior later on in the series. One of my favourite characters. :buttrock:

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Ryukendo is one of the best toku shows ever!!! Great music, great action, great characters, great comedy and of course Hiroko Satou!!! :D

for those who have seen ryukendo, i need your help.

i am recording this show in my country because it is being dubbed in our language.

but i dont know what episode number is being aired right now, so i cant label the file properly.

anyway, the episode last night started with an old couple wearing white, both gazing at the moon. then the moon came in close and started talking to them, asking about something that sounded like SHAT, the old lady said it might be a police force that deals with ghosts.

sorry if i seem ignorant, i dont watch this show...

does anyone know what episode number this is? please PM me if you know the answer. thanks!
I watched episode 1 ages ago!

I really liked it but I lost the data discs they were on and couldnt be bothered redownloading them. I still intend to watch it one day though.
I started watching it last night because I found it dubbed in my language and was curious. Up to episode 12 now. Great Toku series :buttrock:. I like how Gekiryu always berates Kenji :D.
Ryukendo is an awesome Toku series! I started watching it again this month. The theme song is nice!:thumbs:

My favourite character turned out to be..*drumrolls*..Ryugunou a.k.a. Fudou-san! And I found out some info about the actresses from the show..


I started watching this a few weeks ago and im at episode 22. I just want to know if anothr stoy will start later or will it just be episodes with random events happening?

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