[BUYING] English dubbed Gransazers, Sazer X, Justirisers, and Ryukendo

I am looking for VCDs, VHS, or dvd-r copies of these series containing the ENGLISH DUBS that were shown in South East Asia. I need these for restoration purposes. Can anyone help? I will pay top dollar or am willing to trade any other rare English dubbed toku shows I have (I have a lot, much of which can not be found online)! Please message me if you can help!

Also interested in the English dub of Flashman (I have a handful of episodes already), Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Blade, and anything else in English.

Also interested in some anime, like the English dub of Heroman that aired on Malaysian Disney XD!

Basically if it's in English, but not released in the US, I need it. ;)
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