R.I.P GekiDan


Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the situation. JEFusion is a great site I visit often, and was a great help when I got into tokusatsu. My condolences to him and his family, it's truly a shame to lose someone so young.


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R.I.P GekiDan

I was so used to seeing him appear in threads and showing us toy scans and other pictures. I will miss him.


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It's bad when you hear tokusatsu celebrities passing away. It's even worse when someone from the community you love also passes away...
RIP GekiDan. Though we usher in a new year without you, you will be missed and remembered. :(


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Just.....so sad:( Never knew him personally but always soaw him on the forums, just so heartbroken to all his family and friends. RIP good sir.

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RIP Gekidan.

I saw his Facebook picture didn't know he a disability just like my old friend. I love his JEFusion website.

Goodbye to Gekidan :(

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