R.I.P GekiDan


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For the past few days, I was wondering why he didn't post anymore of the Shougeki Gouraigan subbed episodes, but realising he didn't upload them anymore, I found RAWs in other places.

I remember when I came on to his site, and I'd just see raging fans who were never satisfied with the quality or the timing of the clips subbed or RAW that he uploaded. But he never complained, and if it was me, I'd probably stop uploading overall, because I'd be thinking "these ungrateful bastards..."

GekiDan was truly different, I thank you along with the HJU community from the bottom of my heart. May you rest in peace, sir.


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thanks to the people that gave their prayers and condolences to gekidan and his family. seeing all this post makes me smile even at the face of sadness of losing a best friend. i will miss you brother. ill be attending dan's final night at their house and help his parents and sister and his funeral this coming sunday.


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Man this sucks. This guy REALLY was a HUGE part of the HJU community and the rest of the Toku community worldwide. And with his illness and all, man I got a ****-ton of respect for the man. RESPECT. RIP GekiDan, you are most definitely gonna be missed by all.
RIP Geki Dan :bawling:

It feels so sad to lose such a great member of the toku fandom community
Jefusion is such a great website, and he has done such great work on it. I went so often on Jefusion.
All my sympathies for his family and friends.
Thank you for everything, Gekidan.

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I didin't know you personally, I've been with your blog for so long time, that I can't even remember when I first found it. My gratitude can't be put into words. You made my world better. Thank you.


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R.I.P. GekiDan.

I might not have known you at all, but you helped the HJU community a lot by supplying us with Scans and episodes via Jefusion. thank you.


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Now, I 've never been posting in this forum for the longest time. But, after founding out about this tragic news, I thought I should share my thoughts. I've never knew him personally and I saw him post in this forum sometimes and he sounded like a really cool guy. I, like some people here, never realize he had a illness. I just hope he has found peace as he walks the path of heaven above us. R.I.P. GekiDan.

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I can't believe that he's dead. He did a lot for this community. His blog is why I'm such a big toku fan today. To do all that he did with such a devastating disease is truly remarkable. He was a key piece in this community. Goodbye GekiDan you more than anyone deserve peace.


R.I.P Gekidan

I never knew you personally and didnt know you had an illness.
I visit JEFusion a few times every single day. Its the only blog I go to and I really enjoyed your articles and get to know Toku news.

Your spirit will always live on with us and Tokonatsu.


This left me really sad. I never talked to him and i had no idea he suffered from such an illness, but visiting his website every day for years, it almost feels like i knew him for a long time.

RIP GekiDan, we won't forget you.
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I didn't interact much with GekiDan, but I always noticed he was always very enthusiastic and polite. Qualities that are always welcome to this world. And his politeness and good heart really brought smiles to many people during many occasions. Great guy. Rest in peace GekiDan, and continue being awesome.~
I cant get over I wake up this morning to celabrate my birthday only to find out this happen RIP GekiDan you did alot of the toku world and it wont be the same without you

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