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  • Alright, depending on what Havoc posts, I'm thinking we can do a combined finisher on Lizardman, good ol' double rider kick. But I just wanna wait and not rush it since Havoc hasn't posted yet. Lemmie know if ya wanna do something different
    Yes...but I'm going to have to have him occasionaly telling pretty messed up stories of his life on the road....it won't be a pretty past...but it will scream rocker turned horoscope.
    So...I'm not betraying Masta or anything...but my need to make others look good over rides my ability to insult them. I have to make you a bit glammerous, but I can also make you awsome. Can you live with British skiiny jeans rocker who wear a top hat and nail polish but is also inscribed with tattoos and a facination with the state of the fictional city and what should or shouldn't be?
    Your sig is wrong..

    Thunder's just a sound...It's like you're saying the bark is worse than the bite.Doesn't make sense.
    Why would you start sticking rocks and boulders in between your legs?Do you have some creepy fetish with rocks?
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