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Okay, episode 29. Can you make me care about an Ad episode? Let's find out.

[HIDE]- The tea-drinking scene with Captain Shark is amazing. (So do they not have tea in the future, either? Maybe it's just all gaijin tea with milk and sugar.)
- "The Jackal plot is over, so Captain Shark can interact with the rest of the story now!"
- The idea that Cyclead must be hypnotized into becoming a badass is completely fantastic.
- Well, I'll be damned, I do actually care about Ad. I think a grand "I'm willing to die believing in my comrades!!" moment like this was just the thing he needed. It's very much what his archetype's mecha show counterpart is about, but this is the first time Sazer X has put him in that sort of desperate situation.
- I really enjoy Sazer X's lunar battles and this one is particularly good. Letting Ad have the last shot even though his machine can't combine with the Core Braver was classy.
- I don't think the guy who is doing Cyclead's voice is much of a name actor, but man, he's good. Mind-control Cyclead is actually threatening while believably being the same guy.
- Ad, you don't have a personality, but you're an okay guy. I'll make you white rice anytime. [/HIDE]

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
This recent arc is basically what I meant when I said early on that Ad would eventually get some of the spotlight and make him seem like someone people care about a bit more. Though I have always wondered if this arc was supposed to be any different since it seems like some plans for the various arcs werre really hammered with to make work once it was knon the series would end short.


Nice post!!
I can't really imagine this particular arc running any longer, just because it'd be weird to have characters trapped in subspace for much longer than they did.

Now, I think other things might be happening faster, like the new Neo-Descal brainwashing Cyclead. I think if the show was longer it might've been four or five episodes before we got to that.

What I'm curious about is if Patora was planned for the series or not. She's entertaining, but her main function just seems to be making things happen faster.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Patora strikes me as a last ditch effort at subtly revamping the show...probably a little too late to really have any impact. But, hey! Least she aint totally annoying.


Episode 30. We're in the final stretch!

A) Y'know, as a small flavor touch thing, I love that, even though he's no longer a bad guy and sometimes his first appearance in an episode is just him sitting around casually, they still give Blaird his big pointy-kanji name subtitle.

B) Do I really want to think about the implications of Blaird mistaking Aqual's voice for Thundara's? Or just the fact that Aqual is apparently the only female member of whatever the hell the Shogun's species is supposed to be?

C) Okay, Ad, you're liking this waaaaay too much for it to be comfortable. Do you want to be alone with your hot spring?

D) So, like... is the Rice Thing just supposed to be the non-Earth Sazers reconnecting with the Japanese Spirit through food? Like, if this was made in America, would they be getting misty eyed over corn or mashed potatoes?


Nice post!!
Like, if this was made in America, would they be getting misty eyed over corn or mashed potatoes?

The best analog would probably be turkey. At one point in time an American show definitely would've used apple pie in a similar way. In a modern show, probably hamburgers.

[HIDE]- I see it's time for Tobey to get trolled by the past. This is a nice touch.
- Fanservice episode! I guess they decided that just because they were getting canceled doesn't mean they can't make sure the last arc is fun.
- The comedy in this episode is really Macross 7-ish to me, especially the way the episode also sneaks some plot into it.
- Ad's actor plays a really good straight man now that he gets the chance.
- The way Ad is freaking out about getting into the hot spring here is a really nice touch. It reminds me of the some anecdotes I've read about foreigners freaking out in Japan when expected to get into a hot spring, then freaking out over how awesome it is. I guess Ad really is from Space America.
- Another really good episode. It wasn't super-distinct the way episodes 9 and 20 were, it was just... well, good. I feel like the show is really hitting its stride in the home stretch. [/HIDE]

As an aside, Aqual has just posted to the Tokusatsu Hero Twitter. :anime:
I hate falling behind, but i'm caught up:


-Natto, the defuser of fights between Men and suit-monsters.
-Man, thats some Sex-Chair you got there cycled.
-Look, the Orga suit is back!
-So it has Cycled's brain eh? it's a Un-stealthy do-nothing?
-"Hey Takuto, you ok", "Yeah" *SLAP*
-Odd thing, but it's nice to not see a Starfield on the surface of the moon, since you would never seen it on the Light side (even though you see it in stock footage of the ships firing)


It is nice to see a show where the heroes have space worthy ships, know the enemy is in outer space, and actually GO INTO OUTER SPACE TO FIGHT THEM on a consistent basis.

Granted, the consistent part may only be because plot arcs have been squashed down to where they can't have filler attacks on the Earth or attempts to steal/counter steal the Cosmo Capsules anymore, but it's still nice to see.


Nice post!!
Another fine episode. Sazer X is on a roll.

[HIDE]- I like that Sazer X don't immediately turn on Blaird like a pack of douchebags over Takuto getting shot down.
- I also like that Takuto just got shot down. The trend in modern tokusatsu and anime is toward villains who are basically defanged boogeymen that couldn't possibly stand up to the heroes in an all-out fight. I can see why people would dig that from a power fantasy perspective, but I like my melodrama and there's just not any unless the villains can give the heroes at least a black eye.
- Shockingly, Captain Shark becomes a lot more interesting once he's interacting with the other cast members on a regular basis.
- Man, Takuto's actor took one hell of a dive after Remy slapped him. Nice acting from Remy here, too.
- Everyone agrees: Takuto is an idiot, but he's their idiot. Blaird may be the family dog, but he's their family dog.
- Ah, it's so nice to see the protagonists allowed to use effective proactive strategies. There's so many shows that won't ever let the main characters do anything until the villains move first.
- I don't know how believable this lunar battle is as something theoretically happening in low-gravity, but it's pretty sweet as a "****'s getting real" battle. Nice touch that they tried to remove as much of the starfield as possible to represent being on the dark side of the moon, too. (At least... I think this fight is supposed to be on the dark side of the moon and it just got translated oddly.)
- DRILL TANK'D. Heh, I may not see much Momotaros in Blaird, but I do have to wonder if the Gurren-Lagann guys had him in mind when they cooked up Viral.
- What? A major enemy taken out by coordinated fleet action, in my superhero tokusatsu? But that's like saying your secondary characters matter![/HIDE]


Nice post!!
Kind of surprised I have the first comments up for episode 32. I guess everyone else is having a more eventful weekend than I am. :D

[HIDE]- Oh man, this is a really fun throwback to the early episode about Takuto modeling.
- I like how at this point in the show, the Cosmo Capsules are absolutely nothing but a quick and easy trigger for fight scenes.
- If Ultimate is the payoff for Sazer X's elemental system, he's a pretty good one.
- You know, just offhand, it's pretty weird to me that Takuto's grandfather is supposed to be one of the richest and most brilliant men in the world, but this has no real impact on his family's lifestyle. Takuto's mom and little sister live a completely typical middle-class Japanese lifestyle. The show even idealizes how humble it is. It's not a part of the show I hate or anything, but it's weird when you get episodes like this that let the "humble home life" plots rub up against "Takuto's grandpa can build spaceships in his garage" plots.
- Of course Ad is a successful model! That's a line of work where lacking a personality is a massive professional advantage.
- Hey, a lunar exploration scene with convincing low-gravity movement! Pretty sweet.
- How is Blaird communicating on the moon? Well, he's... he's... shut up.
- Kind of weird that they're playing with the low-gravity aspect of piloting machines on the moon in an episode that's far from their first lunar battle. I smell some inconsistencies cropping in during the rewrite cycle, maybe.
- The CG for the Core Braver launches was terrible, but I appreciate the sentiment of this fight scene so much.
- Ohhh, damn. This is one of those cases where I had sat around going, "Well, wouldn't changing the future work like this?" and then went, "Nah, that's way too depressing for this show." Apparently it's not, hooray. [/HIDE]


Nice post!!
33, too? Well, even if I finish quasi-blogging this show alone, I shall quasi-blog it. If nothing else it's getting quite good toward the end.

[HIDE]- The action scene this episode is pretty fantastic. This is the sort of situation that easily could've just started with blunt exposition, but no, we're going to have combat expositing with a Cyclead run-in.
- The total inability of the heroes to quietly persuade the Shoguns is interesting. It really reminds me... well, Macross, with the whole Zentradi/Meltandi/Macross three-way conflict.
- Oh man, is the big plot revelation Sazer X is building up to the whole time "Our widgets are terrible and should not exist."
- It is! That is so fabulous. It does give them wiggle room to give almost everyone a happy ending but I like the perversity of this plot enough that I don't care.
- "Takuto... you are no longer a douchebag." Honestly, he really isn't. At some point I can't quite put my finger on the dude up and became likable.
- Is the entire reason why Gordo "had a fight" with Patora so there'd be an excuse for why everyone could run off under Captain Shark's nose?
- I really can't get enough of these sarcastic passive-aggressive villains. I'd like to see them have a nice long conversation with Tobey.
- The subplot with the Cosmo Capsules becoming quasi-sentient is honestly pretty bizarre.
- I hate to say it, but that is one crappy-looking prop chain.
- Cliffhanger! This would've driven me nuts if I had watched this week-to-week.[/HIDE]

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Whew I have been behind on the show, but watching it again really gives me a new appreciation for episode 30. It definitely stands out as one of those uniquely Sazer X episodes I'll be able to pimp whenever I want to get people into it.


Nice post!!
It definitely stands out as one of those uniquely Sazer X episodes I'll be able to pimp whenever I want to get people into it.

You know, I'd probably just tell people to watch episode 9. It's early enough in the series run to be really approachable and if that episode can't win somebody over, they're probably just a lost cause.

Episode 34 was good! I don't actually have a lot to say about it because it's clearly building up to some big stuff in the next episode. I really dig Neo-Descal's plan to h4x the timeline and all the Sazer B-Team action.
Ok, up to speed (Again)


-Wow, nice faked "Damn, i missed!" line there Aqual.
-"Go head, Shoot me! This thing that has no connection to me will surely protect me!" *boom* "DAMN IT!"
-Oh, Remy, you think she would have learned by now to wear Armor or something, so the bad guys couldn't keep on holding her hostage.
-Is it bad when i heard the Neo-Decal lady tansport, i expected a voice to go "Change Goseiger!".
-Another mini-rant, but where do these people buy these clothes? Takuto had a Letter jacket from Arlington, Texas for some reason.
-Putting the two hot tempers on the same team, good call there Ad.
-So buy covering the world in darkness, no matter how you do it, will result in the same future? :eyebrow:
-Wow, this must the the Second time that sub-sword got used.


-Oh Noes! Sharks Daddy banged a earth girl now he will vanish if they win.........<_>
-Damn, Cyclead is going insane trapped in that yard.
-Well, apparently kicking a Ball spawns rejects from the Alien movies.
-Thats some backstory, i have to say.


Nice post!!
-Another mini-rant, but where do these people buy these clothes? Takuto had a Letter jacket from Arlington, Texas for some reason.

There's a guy who shows up in Daimajin Kanon wearing a "these colors don't run" American flag T-shirt. I think Japanese prop departments somehow get hold of America's goodwill donations.

-So buy covering the world in darkness, no matter how you do it, will result in the same future? :eyebrow:

Logistically, probably not. It's bluntly stated during the Thundara episodes that the future began to change when she didn't hook up with Blaird. I don't think Neo-Descal's plan could actually work.

Neo-Descal clearly thinks it could, though... probably because of his dismissive attitude toward the Shoguns. The guy's literally trying to will himself into existence without any participation from his own ancestors.

It shows how, in a certain way, Neo-Descal's really not all that different from the Shoguns. They spent most of the show's first arc enthusiastically pursuing plans that couldn't possibly work, too.

-Damn, Cyclead is going insane trapped in that yard.

If only it occurred to someone to take off his hat!

-Thats some backstory, i have to say.

Yeah, I was surprised at how simple the explanation turned out to be. There's a cynical part of me that's inclined to think of it as a cop-out, but I think the way it's handled in the episode works. I'm okay with it.

Episode 35 was quite good. My only original observation on it is that, while I don't think Sazer X managed to create its own Doggy Krueger with Captain Shark, I do think the show managed to create an interesting prototype for Sokichi Narumi.


Only one more day and two more episodes to go after this...

- Wow, they refurbished the Mammoth Bosqito costume... which was itself a kitbash of both refurbished Destroyah and refurbished Death Ghidora costumes. If nothing else, Toho knows how to get the most out of their suits.

- Sadly, Takato, your missiles are not Magic Missiles so you can't use them on the darkness.

- Where'd that giant robot army suddenly come from?

- Since this may be the last time we see it, let me just take a moment to say this CGI replacement for the mecha formation sequence is really jaw-droppingly horrible looking, even for the time period it's from.

- Real men plunge right in and RIP OTHER MEN'S HATS OFF!

- The Three Shogun's Big Hero Moment sequence in this episode was pretty damn good.

- Huh. This really does look like it's going to be one of those shows where the second-to-last episode is the final battle and then we get an Epilogue Episode. Granted, there could still be one more twist it could pull before that but we'll see tomorrow!
First, a delayed Toho kaiju suit roll call!
Super Mechagodzilla parts on Garade's transforming ship! Check!
FW Mortha's Head! Ceck
M.O.G.U.E.R.A. reuse! Check!

-36- (The end nears.....)

-One one Dragonball Cosmo Capsule left! Just don't wish for Panties.
-Question: Has that Neo-Descal chick name ever come up in the series? i can't recall it even being stated or shown at all in the show.
-Why is it called "Dark Armor" when it's a Stationary weapon? a name like that makes you think it'll be a huge Mobile Armor like the Big Zam or the Destroy.
-That Kaiju look like it might be a recycled Destoryah suit. I'm not cerntain but it look like it. Oh, and part of it's roar is Rodan's and it's head is from GMK/FW Ghidora.
-Haven't seen the Full Equip sequences in awhile.
-Look! More M.O.G.U.E.R.A. reuses!
-So Ad has made Takuto more of a leader, and Takuto has made AD be more aggressive in his planning. Those two crazy guys!
-"Sorry Kane, My suicidal plan work but i'm still alive so my plan failed.....i think".
-So both Takuto and Blairs emit a loud groaning noise with thinking. I wonder how they would fair taking a test?
-It's about time they just took off his hat.
-What do ya know? the Destroyah-based suit can corrod things.
-Woo! Gotengo reuse to the rescue! (Damn, this episode is full of Toho's old suits isn't it?)
-The final battle BEGINS..........Next Time.
At Last, the end has come.....


-Spinning Corkscrew Equip....not too shaby.
-Lighting from the fingers eh? "UNLIMITED PPPPOOOOOOOWWWWERR!"
-Well, that must be the 28th time Remy has had a weapon pointed at her in the series. I know she can't Equip, but wear a Armor vest women!
-Damn it Remy! If you just transported the god damn Capsule, everything would be finished, but NO, she has to stand there and think about Shark long enough to get it snatched away from her.
-Ha, they could have beaten that Kaiju by just freezeing that beast in flight and have it smash on the ground like it's Suit did the last movie it was in.
-Well, there goes ***** with no name.
-Why was i half expecting that beast to come back with a Extra mechanical head?
-For such a large beast, it sure has a small head.
-I love how Takuto says he'll go after Neo Decal in the Teleporter so casually.
-The inside of that beast remind's me of the inside of Unicron for some reason, minus the Tecno-Tenticles and Acid Vats.
-Nega Lio looks bas ass! Konami....Play Arts Kai...NOW!
-Believing in your friends: It'l totally protect you from all highly crossive forces.


-Hey, it's those kids from the first episode. Bookends much?
-I'm sort of wishing they had brought in Nega Lio in Jackel's place. That could have been Interesting (kind of like Black Beet).
-Nega Lio got Rejected! By the very thing in his chest no less.
-You'd think such a large Monster blowing up with be more like a Nuke going off than a large pile of Flashpots.
-Well, again some form of Temporal Mechanics thats makes sense as the message from the future was cut off since that future no longer exists.
-So the Capsules must always screw it.
-I suppose Shark went out a better way than Goraza did.
-I have to guess that being "Capsule Warriors" Prevents the others who came from the future from vanishing along with Shark and the Tech.
-Kane: "Don't worry i'm gonna go to become a Cop! And then have some Arm thing possess me and make me eat Popsicles apparently"
-In all, a Standard "Parting of Ways" Finale with a distant tail end. Not bad at all though.

And so ends my first foray into the Chou Sei Shin series. It was quite an Enjoy able one. I'll gonna go watch Justirisers now to see what/how that series burned people.

Wish me luck!

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
And so another tokusatsu of the month comes to a close! Sazer X is probably my favorite of all the shows featured so far. It was a pretty great show that introduced a couple of really unique aspects to tokusatsu as a whole. I really love the ending because it plays to the strengths of the show: generally upbeat, but with moments that make the heroes pay a cost...and in this case, it was Shark. Even towards the end of the show on my first watch, I expected a 100% happy ending. Seeing Shark disappear and the heroes scattered to the far ends of the galaxy was a really unique touch.

I was thinking they might leave all the heroes on earth, allowing them to live life in the past and all that good stuff, but I love what they did a lot more. It goes to show the strength of their bonds and the mission as a whole. (though I was always amused that Takuto's sister got a capsule, was expecting one to go to his grandfather) Though I do hate to say it, I really think being canceled played to the strengths of the show and did a lot to help it find a rather unique identity and in the end do a story that is generally fulfilling. It's the only part of the Star God franchise that I think is really an excellent show and I would have loved for the franchise to continue on like this (maybe another show that put the "god" aspect back into the show), but as is, I suppose this is a really good place for the franchise to end if it must. It would have been cool to see Dark Lio for a longer amount of time if only because it's a really pretty suit, but I generally have no qualms with the way things ended.

And now Ad is off fighting pirates of a different sort.

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