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    Do I need to start a Luckyman thread?? There's too much amazing for my profile page to hold.
    I admit, I got pretty mad at what I thought I was seeing. But, you obviously didn't mean things that way. So, sorry I misread you. Next time I read the forums at length, I will check out your post and give it my full consideration.
    I think you miss read what I was trying to say about the shifting of the secondary male leads and female leads in rider. I left a post that I hope explains what I was trying to say. Regardless it was a good conversation and I hope to have more at some point.
    I was mainly arguing against the bizarre assertion that all "magical words" are inherently untranslatable. The "magic words" the Wizard Driver says are supposed to be easy to understand. I think it's a lie to say that's important to the story, but it's also a lie to say the audience isn't supposed to understand what those sounds mean. Basically I'm just saying the comparison to Harry Potter's Latin is illogical and invalid, but also saying it's not the end of the world if you don't TL (because it's not like what the belt says ever impacts the narrative). I think if you really respect creative intent, yes, you translate the belt... but I think fansubs, kind of by definition, don't always respect creative intent first and foremost. TLs will generally just do whatever they want to do.
    Just got a little confused over a thing on the Wizard Driver.

    At one post, you said that not TL'ing isn't important to the story but, not TL'ing them also ruins the creator's intent so, it... is important? Maybe I'm just half-asleep but, I was a little lost there.
    Nah, I understand where you're coming from. I just don't want to get stuck in a flamewar with Madoka fanboys by proxy. :p
    Heh, I was trying to say that I was happy with what you said over Madoka... it just kind of came out weird. :sweat: (My 2nd post is probably the clearest, though)
    Hey Lynxara, love Low Visibility with you and Matt (which is my name too btw, lol) loved you guys since the Toku 101's with Blade Dancer, Igadevil, and the Scream Man. Thank Matt for me as well.
    You're amazing. I was a pretty fucking awful person when I first started posting here, but you called me out on it and I probably wouldn't be slowly getting over my ghastly pseudo-activism stage if not for you. Also, you know a ton about sci-fi/fantasy/fiction. You rock.
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