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Whoohoo, Sazer X is complete. This is only the second monthly series I've completed, but its ending was one heck of a lot better than B-Fighter's. I had no particular comments about episode 36 but my customary textwalls for 37 and 38 are behind the cut.

[HIDE]Episode 37:

- Sazer X, I would give you $10 to stop speeding up your fight footage so friggin' obviously.
- Ha ha, Neo Descal uses Palpatine lightning.
- Patora really is this show's Plot Advancement Fairy.
- ... wow, talk about killing the messenger.
- Ah, the old regenerating bad guy boss. Kinda reminds of the ending of GEAR Fighter Dendoh. A lot of things about Sazer X's endgame do, really. It probably goes back to Macross/Macross 7, Dendoh is loaded with references to those shows, too.
- Aw, ****, it's Shadow Link.
- A dark mirror version of Takuto is Neo Descal's final form? Ehhhh. Guys, I can forgive recycling the movie monster, but your final bad guy probably shouldn't be a repainted hero suit.
- It also kinda goes back to the irritating thing the early series did where Takuto is the most important person in the universe. The more Sazer X got away from that, the more I liked the show.
- Remy finally getting to fight in Great Lio is kinda cool, though, even though she's transparently going to fail.
- Oh, man, they're doing the ending of Zambot 3. This also reminds me of Dendoh, which had a massive Zambot 3 boner.
- "See, our villany is totally in the universe's best interests, you stupid diverse lifeforms are always wandering around killing each other and crap."
- Fortunately I doubt every single other character is going to die in the name of delivering Takuto back to his family, reduced to a weeping, broken shell of a man.
- Sazer X, your amazing B-team infiltration attempt is a suitable apology for making Takuto the avatar of human individuality.
- When you set that awful CG stock footage to stirring orchestral music, it... somehow begins to look worse.

Episode 39:

- I see Neo Descal is the Great Leader! I was kind of wondering if Sazer X would ever reference a tokusatsu series the way it referenced mecha.
- Yay, a helmet-off in-suit shot! You don't see enough of those in tokusatsu anymore.
- You know, the wish to destroy the Cosmo Capsules puts a really weird spin on those earlier "the Cosmo Capsules are becoming sentient!" story beats.
- And so Tobey's existence ends in the only thing that could bring him joy. He is retconned, thus allowing him to troll the past one final day! "What I'm seeing is so beautiful, oh man guys, I totally wish you could see it expect you never will ha ha ha..."
- And... no, you can't destroy the Cosmo Capsules, TROLLOLOLOLOL.
- How is it an improvement that they've each become "strong weapons"? This should just turn into Sazer X establishing a benevolent galactic dictatorship that a different group of time-travelers comes back from the future to prevent. It would be like a matrushka doll made out of time-travel stories!
- It's very nice of causality to give Captain Shark time to give everyone a tearful goodbye, just as it gave Tobey one last chance to troll.
- Ahh, and the aliens shall all return to their home planets, alive and normal size.
- Ahh, poor Cyclead. "Well, I have no idea what happened, but at least it's over!" [/HIDE]

I do have to agree with Aoi that Sazer X may be the best actual show to come out of the Chou Seishin trilogy. Justiriser's problems are infamous and Gransazer always struck me as a little too Ryuki for its own good.

There's not a whole lot about Sazer X that struck me as really original... its basic concepts were a blend of sci-fi and tokusatsu boilerplate. Still, there was a real sincerity in the storytelling that brought everything to life. You had snappy dialog, good comedy, a good character-driven plot... at its best, Sazer X was just a very well-constructed and entertaining show.

Sazer X honestly makes me wish that sci-fi tokusatsu was more bankable these days. Only Ultraman and indy projects really do a lot with sci-fi concepts regularly anymore. More often than not, Rider and Sentai now tend to tell stories grounded mostly in fantasy, probably because it gives the toy designers more leeway.

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