Last Of Us Finale Shatters Records, Truth About Giraffe Revealed


<p>It’s official: HBO’s TV adaption of The Last Of Us is a huge success. It brought in 8.2 million viewers last Sunday, an improvement over the previous weekend, and this was against the Oscars. For the record, here are the viewership numbers from week to week, which kept climbing up:</p>


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When Joel tells Ellie about how he got his scar in reality. Ellie responded by saying that time heals all wounds. Joel then turns to face Ellie and states that time was not the cause. They then exchanged silent glances for a few moments. That was such a sweet moment, and both actors performed admirably. This is my favorite show. I was moved by the giraffe scene. They nailed it at a critical juncture in time. They didn't leave out any significant game moments, and I appreciated the small touches like Elliot opening doors or descending ladders.


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This is what happens when you respect the source material. You do not offend the fans and you have to consult the person who wrote the source material. Those awful Resident evil movies are cautionary tales on how to not adapt a videogame. I know many writers disrespects the source material because they think their original ideas are better and they are just using the name of the source material to sell a totally different show or movie that has nothing to do with the source material.

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Crying like a hot mess during the finale! This was an excellent adaptation. As a stand-alone show, it's fantastic. It was also a fairly faithful adaptation. Certain aspects should be improved. I'm pleased with how it turned out, despite the fact that we did lose some lines and plot points from the game. It is difficult to turn a video game into a television show. And I think they did an excellent job all around. Without a doubt, one of my favorite shows on TV right now. I'm thinking about playing the second game now that I'm used to what happens after watching some videos about it.


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I adore the first eight episodes, and the ninth one featured the game's two most recognizable moments. The best part of the episode was watching Ashley figuratively transfer Ellie's soul to Bella's character.

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Wow, it's incredible to see how well-received HBO's television adaptation of The Last of Us has been. Given how well-produced the show is, I'm not surprised that viewership numbers have continued to rise. It's interesting to see how non-gamers are reacting to the contentious show's ending as someone who played the video game.


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It's cool to know that there are giraffes in Calgary, and that they were able to film the scene with a real giraffe.
I had no idea that they had to prep the giraffe for the scene by introducing it to the actors and getting it used to taking food from their hands.impressive It's to think about the amount of work that goes into creating a TV show, even for just one scene.I can understand why some people thought the giraffe looked fake, but it's interesting to learn that it was actually there.


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It's incredible that The Last of Us TV show could compete with the Academy Awards in terms of viewership.
I'm curious about how the show's success will affect the video game industry. The Last of Us is an excellent example of how video games can be successfully translated into TV shows.
I'm glad that the show's popularity has brought attention to the importance of narrative in video games.

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