Kamen Rider Kabuto - Talk Up! [Fansub Spoilers!!!]


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
So I watched 41-44 tonight.

[hide]1. OMFG WTF TADOKORO IS A WOOOORM. I totally didn't see that one coming. I am now spending all of my time fretting that he is going to DIE. ****. Don't die Tadokoro, you're too hot to die!

2. " Sucking is the best, Tsurgi." "You should be my new brother". LMFAO. Hopper orgy w/ Tsurgi. I want it. Bad.

3. OMFG Tsurgi saving Misaki from that...uhh....time stopping dude.

4. Said time stopping dude is AWESOME and rocking my socks. It COULD just be because he has an awesome flowing coat. You guys know how much I love those LOL.

5. Awww...retarded!tendou is soooo cute!!! He's all, "I LIEK HIYORI KAY!?"

6. Retarded!Tendou not so cute now that he wants to gang up with multiple!timestopping!worm.

ETA: 7. WTF Kageyama. Stop wanting TheBee. TheBee hates you. You are NOT TheBee anymore. Dayum.

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[hide]SO SCARED HE WILL DIE TOO WTF! It's horrible every time he goes to attack something I have an inner freak out.

I'd also like to state that time stopping worm dude as cool as he is really needs to stop. He's angering me with his whole...you know...killing EVERYONE and never dying and like...having multiple selves. [/hide]


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
[hide] Time stopping dude is COOL. Like....maybe 9 levels of cool instead of 10, but cool none the less. and WTF there are two of him now. O_O I am scared because now it's getting close to the end of the show...and everyone is fair game. I don't want anyone to diiie! Stupid shows with their stupid need to kill people. *grumps* [/hide]


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And he's played by the hottest action star ever. Oh yeah, Tak Sakaguchi.

Tak Sakaguchi =

The end.


Faded.Memories, what episodes are you on now?
Just finished watching Episode 46 with Faded.Memories

[hide] WTF WHY DID TSURGI HAVE TO DIE!!!!!!!???? :bawling: I mean, come on. He was so cute and omg! I'm too emotional to be coherent right now!! [/hide]


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
I just finished eps 46

[hide] OMFG...not Tsurgi...oh god. I cried. I couldn't help it. It was so sad. Oh my god. :( Damn it....I can't take this show anymore. I'm glad I only have 3 more episodes to watch. If you need me, I'm going to be sobbing in a corner. [/hide]
We're finished and just...gah!

[hide] WTF! Okay, Kageyama is...just...WHY?!?! Why with the Native!

And at the end when Hiyori is looking at the tower and they say how if not close by then they are even closer. I SO thought that meant that Kagami and Tendou were dead.

But Kagami makes such a cute crossing guard! And Tadokaro + Soba = forever! And I love that Misaki is carrying on that restaurant for Tsurgi. I feel love everywhere!

I love it all! I'm just so sad it's over now![/hide]


Im not straight but my boyfriend is

[hide] HI. I'd like to stop crying any time soon. Thanks alot jerks who made Kabuto for turning Kageyama into a worm. I bet you thought that was REAL fucking funny. JERKS.

*sniffles* At least it was Yaguruma who killed him. *wibbles*

Also, I was SO FRIGGEN SCARED that Kagami was going to die. Like you have no idea. I don't know what I would do with myself if he had died.

The battles with Mishima (?) and the head native dude were a little anticlimactic, but the ending was SO worth it. Tadokoro making soba (OMG I LOVE HIM AND HE'S STILL ALIVE!) and Misaki being president of the Discibal restaurant business....*SNIFF* and and....KAGAMI BEING A CROSSWALK GUARD OMGGGGG. I LOVE IT.

Anyways...now that I am emotionally wrecked...off to dl the rest of Den-O, then I'll be starting on Blade!!! [/hide]


has left HJU. Not coming back.
I loved Kamen Rider Kabuto but the final episode wasn't that great. Disappointed with Dark Kabuto. I was hoping to see Dark Kabuto joins Tendou and Kagami to fight together against Gryllusworm.


Im not straight but my boyfriend is
You know...I just thought of something.

[hide] Since the pendants turned humans into NATIVE worms, and it's obvious that good native worms are still alove and kicking (Tadokoro for example), could Kageyama not have lived in peace amongst them? But of course, that would have meant that Kageyama and Yaguruma would have had to know about Natives and such.

DAMN. Kageyama could have LIVED! DAMN DAMN DAMN! [/hide]

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