Kamen Rider Kabuto - Talk Up! [Fansub Spoilers!!!]

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29 and 30 are usually what people consider to be the turning point of the show. When it went from good to an unstable mind ****. But there's still some good left in after it.


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Ys, I've heard that...the last few episodes of Kabuto were bad which kinda makes me sad because up until 29 and 30 I've LOVED every moment of Kabuto.

I just hope I'm not disappointed.


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Couldn't you have just put it ALL behind spoiler, rather than have a few words out of the spoiler and a few words in?



Wow! Well I just finished watching it! I have some random thoughts, they're not really spoilers but I don't want to ruin it for anyone so...

[HIDE]I also read through this whole thread so I know how the discussion went but I have one question that never seemed to be brought up: As nice as Todokadoro is at one point wouldn't he have had to kill the person he's mimicing? Well I mean I know someone doesn't have to be dead to have a mimic and it clearly shows that humans can be turned in to natives so maybe he's not a mimic of anyone? So maybe I just answered my own question :laugh: it's just weird.

I went back and forth between liking and not liking Tendou so many times! In the end he was cool but he was also a jerk. Sometimes I disliked how much he focused on just saving Hiyori. It bothered me a little that he was so kind to Juka but he considered her less of a sister then Hiyori, I mean he spent more time with Juka then he ever spent with Hiyori! Even though she wasn't his real, real sister but when you think about it neither was Hiyori. So the episode with Juka's school made me happy because he thought about saving BOTH his sisters for once.

Mostly I was fine with the ending. I can take a bunch of plot holes, I'm ok with it. For a minute I thought it wasn't going to be a happy ending, now that I would have been upset with! Not every thing was tied up and there were a lot of unanswered questions but they did what they could.

Looking though the thread a few people thought Drake should have died thank goodness he didn't! It's not like he did much but I liked his episodes a lot... and also its a (not very funny) joke between me and my brother that whenever I like a random character he dies so yeah I'm glad that didn't happen.[/HIDE]

Er yeah that's it :sweat:
Well how do you know that
[HIDE]Tadakoro isn't a person made up by that Native, I mean Natives are more powerful then Worms, Right? so who says they can't create their own identity[/HIDE]


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[hide]Natives are worms. Its been proven in Tendou's case in which his own parents were mimiced by Natives. Natives are only called that because they are "Natives" to earth, unlike the worm that just decided to arrive 7 years prior. Natives are worm.

But since the Natives arrived 35 years prior to the 1999 Shibuya accident, it could be possible that Tadokoro could be another Hiyori, parents are mimiced worm thus he became one[/hide]


Tendou did care for Juka, there were many instances in various eps that proved that he cared equally for both sisters. It's just that Hiyori got into more danger than Juka so there were more chances for Tendou to show that he cared for her and thus it seemed like he cared for her more.

I haven't touched Kabuto for months, so I can't really list all the Juka incidents. Based on memory:

- Juka being with Misaki Worm. Tendou was worried bad.
- Juka with Daisuke Worm. Tendou chased him down.
- When Riku said something about his sister being in danger, Tendou thought it was Juka and he was all frantic. Of course, Riku actually meant Hiyori, but Tendou didn't realise that.
- The Juka camp incident.

There have been many other minor things that showed Tendou's concern for her:

- When he was detained by Zect, he asked Hiyori to make hotcakes for Juka.
- Helps Juka with her homework, and thanks to his tuition, Juka topped the school.
- Was shocked when he thought Juka fell in love, and he was visibly relieved when he realised his misassumption.

I think he cares for both sisters equally, it's just that Juka rarely faces mortal peril while Hiyori keeps getting herself in screwy situations with Worms and alternate dimensions and Tendou clones.


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Yeah, another scene that showed that he cared for Juka is when she got in the car accident. He actually stormed over to the police station to punch Tsurugi and was going to fight him if he didn't say he regreted what he had done.


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[hide] Hiyori is a worm. WTF. WTF WTF WTF. O_O

I have no idea how to feel about all of this. Tendou is becoming a jackass, but he kinda has a reason.


Yaguruma: Kageyama...won't you come to hell with me?

SLASH. DO IT. *drools on self* [/hide]


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errr...I mean...yes. YES I DID.

Did I mention I like long leather coats and thats why when I first started watching henshin sequences on youtube I was attracted to Ren from Ryuki?


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I did not know the purpose for the gay jrocker get up but it was hot and it kept me through Kabuto.

That and uh....

.... hmmm....

The purpose of Gatack ^_^


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I just got finished watchig up to 36.

[hide] There was so much slash in the past two episodes that I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF. :laugh:

Between Tendou and Kagami and Kageyama and Yaguruma....just...ded.

Okay. Also? Kageyama and Yaguruma crawling in the rain? How can you NOT see their love is gay??? I must take many caps, and post them in according threads.

Also...Renge is hot. And this show is SO AWESOME IT HURTS.

Thats all for now. [/hide]