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  • Hey are you a fan of Ultraman by any chance? I was wondering if you can review Ultra Act Zero Renewal please?
    Hey Vangelus, keep up the amazing work. Do you plan on reviewing S.H.Figuarts Kyoryu Red one day?
    So I have spent much more money on figures. Took your advice, got Gills, and I have found he is bad ass. If you don't have him yet, get him. I could go into some long rant regarding my current collection, but you probably get that all the time. So I shall spare you the indignity and simply thank you again for the advice. Also...Link figma coming out. If you didn't already know.

    (By any chance did you get the Figma Fate Zero Saber. I misse dmy chance last time but have placed a preorder for the HLJ restock in Oct. If you did then let me know how awsome it is so I can stop worrying myself about how many preorders i have. Thanks for the things you do.)
    hey vangelus. am trying to dow5nload cutie honey the live but my torrent download has taken a week just to get to 25%. =/ where would you recommend to download/watch online toku subbed? thanks mate.
    (btw, you rock) =P
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