Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 24: Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior!

Toku Prime

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The major guest character appearing this episode...

This week: Goemon poses, Takeru stabs a porcupine up the butt, Alain's dad lives, and Kanon brings Riders together. Oh and some red dude drops by...

Wing Saber

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Like Zyuohger, this one didn't took anything from the plot, in fact it moved it forward. Since Takeru still didn't know if he could trust Alain, despite what Kanon said. However it was was his two encounters with Yamato that made him give Alain the benefit of doubt.


Grateful being able to summon the Eyecons as ghost is an amazing idea and I hope they don't forget about like other powers (like Wizard Infinity and his super speed...) because it was very cool to see in action!

And Makoto is my favorite of the three riders we have right now but I really don't want his return to be rushed because I really want to see Alain pick up the role of secondary Rider for a while and develop his relationship with the cast! I think it'll do wonder for his story.

I was thinking... how many tablets are there in the prayer room? What if the tablets are the Ganma world equivalent of the Heroic Eyecons? And we finally now what happenned with Adonis' body! Hurray!


- Huh, Adel know where Makoto's real body is, yet he did nothing?

- I like how Art Ganma just slowly close the door after seeing the commotion that Goemon did xD

- Too bad, this basically confirms it is impossible in-series to see Goemon, Ryoma, and Himiko in normal Transient.

- Guess a spiritual weapon in this series basically can never be fully destroyed as they can be reformed easily.

- Funny way for a monster to flee xD

- Huh, Commando Ganmas can talk after all.

- Maybe Adel didn't fully kill Adonis because he knew he might still need him......that doesn't explain him not doing anything to Makoto's body though

- Why are they in the merry go round? That's kinda random :laugh:

- I find it funny and weird that Yamato never bother to tell them his real name :sweat:

I'm really happy they decided to point out Bandai's lazy design lol

- lol Takeru just throw away the Sunglasseslasher

- Poor Akari being left with Onari's body xD

- .....I'm very sure Sanzo and Grimm are flying to the wrong direction :p