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Mar 20, 2012

Aww yeah the three of them are gonna deliver a beatdown together...where are you going Takeru?

This week: The Ganmaizers kindly turn night into day to make filming easier, some dude on a BMX, a giant CGI cyclops, oh yeah Javert is still in this show (seriously, how many of these thread openings have I written that in now?), the power of love, RIDER KIIICK!!!, the golden snitch?!, recreating the OP, the truth about Yurisen, and we end the whole thing on onigiri instead of takoyaki.

Full series talk up in a separate thread.
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Feb 19, 2007
No... This episode was just... No.

Can this show be any more random? It doesn't even follow it's pre-established rules!

So all 3 Riders get knocked down once by the giant monster and they just... give up? What the heck? I understand that it is Takeru's show but gee, Makoto did not give up fighting his never ending doppelgängers even if it was killing him slowly and Alain, he almost died in the Ganma world and then almost starved to death in the human world and was almost killed by both of his older brothers and still didn't give up. Now they are just "Alright... World ending event... We'll leave Takeru to it, you can do this.!".

Speaking of Takeru, all this build up about his mom just to be revealed that she loved him?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! We all knew that! You could have kept this bit of info for episode 50 and explain it there or even leave it for the Taisen, but NOOOO, all of it was just to promote a function of the toy.

Also, this episode was probably the cheesiest in the whole season. It was motivational speech after motivational speech with random transformations out of nowhere and characters speaking at the exact same time (I imagine them practicing on the way to where Takeru had landed his Love Bomber).

Then there was the final battle against Kamen Rider Extremer Great-Eyezer. I will admit that it was cool to see all the heroes together fighting alongside Takeru (although what they were saying made absolutely no sense). If only there was a stronger form that could channel the power of the heroes... Like... A big Eyecon or something... I mean, the Great-Eyezer is an immortal backup program that assimilated an immortal god-like entity, it makes total sense to defeat him with a regular Rider Kick on his weakest form.

Finally, there is the ending...


It would have been so much more interesting if he had used his wish to revive everyone and remained a Ghost, becoming a hero just like Musashi and the others. For a show that taught kids to accept death and loss it feels like a cop-out to have the main character come back to life as a regular human. In Drive, it kinda made sense having Shinnosuke be back as a civilian since he never became something more than a detective. Takeru, on the other hand, was an immortal god-like figure and coming back to life as a regular human being makes absolutely no sense. I wanna see how they are going to restore his powers in Episode 50 or even the Taisen.

Anyways, a random finale for a random show.

PS: So you tell me that there are four people that we know for sure we know that live in the Daitenkuu Temple, two of them whose job is to train by doing chores, and they never found the alien sleeping pod?
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Yeah I agree, this finale episode for the main story had plenty of plot holes. I'll write a more in-depth review on the full series talk up thread. I will admit I do like the motivational moral of the story speech at the end from Takeru. Live life to it's fullest as it can end at any time and to value being alive. It's a great lesson for kids to go out and dream big and to achieve goals. But the story did a poor job on teaching kids about death. The true final boss was also a big joke. I did like the way the episode basically tied up all the loose ends on some of our boring minor characters that everybody forgot :laugh:.
Jan 19, 2013
- Do they really need to put a joke with Yurusen at the beginning?

- Poor Alain having to go with Takeru since he doesn't have a bike.

- Interesting that O-T didn't translate "Shakariki".

- Is it just me or did they really use a familiar voice for the Great Eyezer's giant form? Feels like I've heard it before......Wizardragon's voice?

- So, how did Boost Eyecon, which is his father's soul, suddenly channeled his mother's soul? I mean, it could be explained as a connection between family, but they never explain that it can work that way.

- It's almost perfect, and they did a mistake at the very last one. When Takeru is talking about love, there wasn't any shine from his body, unlike all the other time when he speaks about certain feeling.

- So he can still live with his friends with his immortal state, and he choose to be a normal human? What?
He also could gain new friends in the far future..........
Really, reviving himself is the right thing up until the very last moment, for no reason Takeru is revealed to be immortal.

- Seems like the Heroic Eyecons are no more, with the way they disappeared. They even show Mugen Eyecon disappearing for once, implying it won't return again this time. But eh, considering the ethereal nature of Mugen Eyecon, I bet it will return in the future anyway without any explanation.

- .......yeah, it made ZERO sense that no one ever saw Edith's pod right there in an open area inside the temple. Literally everyone could go there since there was no locked door, or even any door at all. Not to mention what's in there definitely will need to be cleaned regularly.

- Yurusen is a cat, so if an animal becomes a Ganma Eyecon and gained a new form, it can speak? :sweat:
Speaking of that, I find it hilarious that so far we haven't see Yurusen's Ganma Eyecon being sold, even though we got 2 Ganma Eyecons for Onari, Kanon, and Igor.