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Does anyone know why the price of the break gunner has gone up? I remember it being a lot less now when I wanted to get one its over 100.


A display in Japan revealed the pack in Viral Core for Drive Saga to be the gold Rhino Super Viral Core. Resembles Lupin Blade by virtue of being gold, but appears to be a whole new mold otherwise.


I'll give them credit for actually recording accurate lines from the series and done in chronological order. But really in terms of sound effects there isn't much.


I think they practically just put Banno's entire list of dialogue from all episodes into the driver lol

Shift Ride Crosser and Shift Heatron must be an electronic one like Shift Tridoron......and no doubt it will be PB.

Sounds like it's gonna be really expensive xD


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So the shift cars will come with the dvd/blue ray which cost 12k/13k yen
seems the chaser one have better deal since you got a DX Break gunner after all :laugh: it's rather the extra episode make up for it :p


The new Break Gunner is out:

It's got an extra voice mode, much like the Banno Driver, it's got Chase's quotes in chronological order. Also there's the extra Triple Tune effect.

Triple Tune can just be done by tapping the button while any of the Chaser Cores are inserted, which is a nice touch for people that don't have all three of them (The Execution/Full Break is still there by holding and releasing it), it retains all the functionality of the original Break Gunner (including the show-inaccurate "Drive System" insertion for the Type Change Cars instead of "Tune: Drive System"), and still keeps those added features. Quite possibly the best toy in the Drive line.

Also, the Rhino Super Viral Core is a reskin of the Tridoron Key and that is hilarious to me since they both end up making repainted new head retools of the Mashin Chaser suit.

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