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  • Hello dear,

    Permit me to inform you my interest of going into business relationship with you. As I have inherited the sum of 5,650, 000.00USD from my late father who died recently.

    I have the intention of investing this sum with your care and supervision in your country with a percentage that will be negotiated among us. If you are willing to cooperate with me let me know so that I will furnish you with more details on the next step for smooth achievement of this risk free transaction.

    Contact me on this private mail. ( more details.

    Miss Sameera Michel Assemien Kassi.
    Hey, there's a good chance you've sold or not selling it anymore considering you posted this almost a year ago. However is the Faiz Belt still available? Please let me know. If not, I'm sorry
    You gonna get the new Fate and Nanoha figmas? I planed just to get sonic ver. Fate but broke down and preordered both versions. T__T. Then again you do have that fancy end all fate that is just to expensive for my blood.
    Hi there!

    am interested in your Faiz Die Cast Belt. Is it still available? If it is, how much you looking at? Accepting Paypal? I'm from Singapore
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