Facebook attacks Japan for beating the US to win 2011 women's world cup.


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Wow, I cant believe people would say that....wait, yeah i can. Its the internet, of course. If they are American, there is little to no chance that they watched any game other than the Final. And then being butthurt over it enough to say that they want another national disaster to occur that killed thousands and almost caused a nuclear disaster? Really? over Soccer? And then they bring up Pearl Harbor as if they remember it as clearly as 9/11? 75% of their parent's werent even alive during it, what relevance does it have? besides, I'm pretty sure 2 freakin A-bombs were plenty payback. Wow, this is just....wow. Congrats, Internet! You've done it again. haha

The A-Bombs were overkill. Not only did they kill only citizens , it also in the long term induced genetic defects and deformations , loads of cancer . Nothing like Pearl Harbor. If anyone thinks that using atomic weapons is even equivalent to Pearl Harbor, it'd be like me shooting you point blank in the head for teasing me . Pearl Harbor was entirely America's fault and the West, with their "progressive" racism that surged deep into their veins alongside being utterly incompetent in recognizing or preventing it.

There were so many damn signs it was to happen ,they were ignored by their arrogance but they got what they deserved for it and they themselves are to blame for the unnecessary deaths of Americans there. The Japanese only exploited their stupidity and racist arrogance in their favor. If the Americans who saw those signs actually did their jobs, the end result would have been less severe than the farce that was Pearl Harbor. This is why I despise FDR as a president and those that preceded him up to the president after Washington. They were all racist pieces of **** and they obviously were never meant to lead the nation in any form. What disgusting things that bastard did to the minorities mirrors Bush Jr. in every shape and form except he had a brain.

I'm glad they limited the president's term to 8, but I even think that is too much . 4 is much more suitable, and it keeps the politicians on their toes.

Even comparing PH to 9/11 shows how ignorant those people are as 9/11 was basically our equivalent of the A-Bombs dropped ,but that is not suitable of a comparison since it was relatively minor to anything they experienced.
I actually feel sorry for my American friends and relatives that their country has a bad reputation because of inbred fucktards like the ones on Facebook who are pissed because their team got beat in some football match by the better team!

I always thought that soccer wasn't popular in the USA, so why are people complaining about a bloody soccer match?

If I had my way, I'd join forces with Segata Sanshiro (if he was real, that is!) and Rider Kick these idiots into oblivion!

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Most of them probably didn't watch any game but that one. Then they go all /rage about us losing. Like FR said. Its just a game. get over yourselves. Damn. >_<

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That's f*cked up! If all of the Sentai Teams and Kamen Riders were real, I would love to see them beat the crap out of those assholes. :mad:

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