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  • hey zander...saw your post in toy haul...what do you mean pre-order dragon dagger. is tru in store doing that??
    Hey Zander, what are you using to display the coins from the Legacy Morpher? I think I saw you post a picture of the display once.
    Scorpion Penis, I'm just waiting for some payments to clear on my visa before I send payment. Hopefully this doesn't take long.
    Zander, send me an invoice for the coin - and post another pic of the coin as well, thanx
    ohhh. that seatbelt belt seems okay but i don't like the MLP logo on the buckle. rather have some custom DJ Pon3 logo. maybe i should get that lol. the sticker is cool too. i'll try to get that.

    do they only sell these online or locally?
    i saw your two MLP keychains. where did you get it? also, do they sell a DJ Pon3 one?
    "Can I have your runners?"
    ^==Saw this in the haul thread, I am not sure at this time, but If I need to send extra runners to someone, I keep you in mind, ok? ^^

    Damn it! Galaxian ninja'd me in the word association thread!

    Neutrino! :loltongue::laugh:
    1: sign up on the usps website.

    2: order 1 set of all the flat rate boxes. "If it fits, it ships for one flat rate" I use these for EVERYTHING

    3: Sell on eBay. There are eBay and paypal fees, but you have to account for those in your selling price.
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