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  • hey zander...saw your post in toy haul...what do you mean pre-order dragon dagger. is tru in store doing that??
    Hey Zander, what are you using to display the coins from the Legacy Morpher? I think I saw you post a picture of the display once.
    Scorpion Penis, I'm just waiting for some payments to clear on my visa before I send payment. Hopefully this doesn't take long.
    Zander, send me an invoice for the coin - and post another pic of the coin as well, thanx
    ohhh. that seatbelt belt seems okay but i don't like the MLP logo on the buckle. rather have some custom DJ Pon3 logo. maybe i should get that lol. the sticker is cool too. i'll try to get that.

    do they only sell these online or locally?
    i saw your two MLP keychains. where did you get it? also, do they sell a DJ Pon3 one?
    "Can I have your runners?"
    ^==Saw this in the haul thread, I am not sure at this time, but If I need to send extra runners to someone, I keep you in mind, ok? ^^

    Damn it! Galaxian ninja'd me in the word association thread!

    Neutrino! :loltongue::laugh:
    1: sign up on the usps website.

    2: order 1 set of all the flat rate boxes. "If it fits, it ships for one flat rate" I use these for EVERYTHING

    3: Sell on eBay. There are eBay and paypal fees, but you have to account for those in your selling price.
    Hey Zander! I've seen your cosplays around and you're really good! I'm a cosplayer myself but I have some older costumes that I have the space for anymore. I was wondering if you had any experience selling your costumes online and how you'd go about doing it. I've never sold anything online so things like shipping costs make me wary on sites like ebay.
    Could I get some advice if you have any to offer?
    (Right now I have ads up on Kijiji (a more popular version of craigslist in Toronto.)
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