Celebrities you despise

Lustful Butchery

Throwing Some Justice!
Megan Fox
Paris Hilton
Jonah Hill (The fat guy from Get Him to the Greek)
Channing Tatum
Eddie Murphy
Corey Taylor
Avril Lavigne
Chris Brown
Chad Kroeger
John Cena
Hulk Hogan
Lindsay Lohan
Jesse James
Kanye West
Sean Combs
Naomi Campbell

More to come. You?


Some kind of Beast mode
You despise P.Dizzle? :O_O: lol

Iono, I don't pay enough attention to the celeb media to despise anyone as of late. If I were to say anyone it would be the bitches from Jersey Shore and Ronnie.

The hell you hate Eddie Murphy for?


Just 'Neg' will suffice.
The BEEEEEEEEEEEEEF, first and foremost.
Kevin Costner
Kuroda Yuuki

I've heard tell that he's likeable in Decade. Haven't seen it. Just have his youtube shenanigans to go on (and Missing Ace, obviously).

My eye's kinda twitching just remembering him in that bra o_O

Hajime probably could have made that smexy. He just makes himself out to be weird as hell.

Mr G

Fighting evil makes me thirsty
Then you must be bored.

For me... I HATE Gary Busey! :mad:

The man who gave us such memorable quotes!? I mean just look at some of these.

"You know what 'FEAR' stands for? It stands for 'False Evidence Appearing Real.' It`s the darkroom where Satan develops his negatives."

"Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling."

"Great things like this only happen for the first time once."


has left HJU. Not coming back.
Well, I'm telling you... that guy is crazy!

Recently, he was in The Celebrity Apprentice and he got fired. HA!

AND THIS... EPIC!! Meatloaf = awesome.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFimSzs6l-I"]YouTube - Meatloaf lets loose on Gary Busey 4/3/2011 (full rant)[/ame]
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