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  • uhh, lol? my birthday was last month. anyways, thanks for the gif? what program do you use to make them?
    i see you posted 2 gifs in Blade Dancer's visitor message. do you have any gifs of scenes from kamen rider w?
    Like I said before, my appreciation for Ouja is more because of what he brings to the story than the character all on his own (although that's pretty awesome too), but the role he can fill as a toy is just...AHHH! So awesome. There are so many great ways to pose him and play him off other figures.

    Think I'm holding out for Figuarts Knight Survive, still, and then that'll be it for Ryuki. Hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed by the awesomeness of future figuarts, since I feel like there are lots of characters in Ryuki I could be pushed over the edge with. Lots of Kamen Rider characters in general I could be pushed over the edge with, really! Don't know how I'm going to talk myself out of buying Psyga whenever he comes out.

    Knight and Ouja will be a whole lot of fun just to play off each other! Think the only other two Ryuki combos that would be as fun are Knight and Ryuki and Ouja and Zolda.
    I know Imperer is ultimately responsible for what happened to him, and he might've been okay, at least for a while, had he not tried to manipulate the other characters, but I still find him to be a really sympathetic and endearing character. There really is something very sad about the way he does the things he does. It's really effective, for me! Also helps that he's the one character who I love watching use his cards.

    Having him hidden in the background of a creepy picture is exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of. Like that "when you see it" picture of the car accident with a Light Yagami cosplayer writing in a notebook hidden off to the side.
    Definitely not anything where they'd kill him for lulz! I was envisioning something where he'd be hidden in the background and people could spot him and theorize how he could be behind everything going on. ^^ I love the idea of him being a part of all sorts of villainous plots!

    Why you gotta hate on villains, Bandai? I'd be willing to get an exclusive if they'd just make him. ; ;
    If I was a better shooper/artist, I'd love to start a meme where he shows up in everything, toku or not. I am secretly hoping they'll sneak a monster inspired by him into some future show.

    I remember that! I really like the idea of Kamen Rider shows still being tv shows in other KR universes. Like how DC Comics are actually comics in the Marvel universe or how The Question read Watchmen.
    I like imagining some Bandai exec cackling to himself in his office, Caucasus style. "You maaaaaad, English speakers?"

    I get bad quality caps because my RAW provider (I don't download stuff.A guy uploads them on YouTube HQ.) didn't upload it that day.I had to resort to Tudou and a picture from the Toei site.
    Memorized the whole deck, huh? Nicely done.

    Well, again one thing that the placement depends on is the condition of the cards. I do hope they get shipped out tonight... if they do I should have them Friday morning~

    And that's very true... I'll definitely need to recharge. ^^'

    Anyway, I"ll be sure to post on the thread when I know what the shipping ended up being. And I"m tempted to make my first ever 'review' video the unboxing of this monstrosity.
    I wonder if I can get Staples or somewhere to do it for me...

    Of course, I need to get the last two pieces of the puzzle first. That is, Absorb Tiger and Thief Chameleon. I found the former online and am trying to snag it now, but the latter continues to elude me...

    If I find a good way to scan and print a set, I'd happily make another for you if you're interested. Course, the first order of the day is getting my cards... my shipment was delayed because my intermediary didn't have a big enough box. << I'm afraid to ask what the shipping will cost.
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