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  • Really? Damnnn. Then again, who needs weapons when you can just punch a guy and have blood sploosh out everywhere? xP
    Yeah, I know. I just got reminded of it when I was trying to tell someone on FB what was wrong with Rising Ultimate and I thought "Huh... I don't think I'd ever be as scared of this form as I would be of Ultimate!"
    (Not that I dislike Ultimate, it's just.. holycrapNeverinadarkalleyplease!!!)
    You know what's weird? Ultimate Kuuga scares the heck out of me but, Rising Ultimate doesn't despite that it's apparently supposed to be "stronger" and all that.
    On episode 38; dunno about you but, I was kinda happy when 35 ended. I just couldn't take watching anymore of that... thing called a fight. I am still liking the show, though.
    On Kuuga 21 (might get to 22 within the night) but, you know what's my favorite scene so far? When Kuuga's motorbiking around the city with the Gouram chasing him and you can see the people taking notice of it.
    what you said in the eternal talk up topic "I love how the actors all did their own stunts, though one is a former MMA fighter and the other is consistently known for playing violent characters."

    who is the other person that plays violent characters?
    We were on the same page but I think you said it more eloquently. I always come off as a ***** lol.. but I don't care if I feel my opinion is a valid one haha. But you sounded good, don't worry :3 and thanks <3
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