final fantasy

  1. FolkArtist

    Your thoughts on Chocobo's

    Your thoughts on Chocobo's in gereral, that appear in these Final Fantasy games- these birds are yellow-orange with three-toed feet but come in other colors as well- also they have large wings and necks. While the yellow Chocobo is flightless, stronger breeds can swim and fly. These Chocobo's...
  2. FolkArtist

    Streaming Final Fantasy on Twitch ?

    Anybody have a Twitch channel that you play and stream Final Fantasy on-and make some big money doing it(haha) ? You probably have to have a great following on YouTube and some of the other social media sites as well to make money like Logan Paul. How does this guy make like a half million...
  3. FolkArtist

    Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary !

    Congratulations, Final Fantasy for 30 years and they are celebrating with a very expensive bottle of Scotch Whiskey, but they only have 303 bottles for the wonderful price of $330(each)for sale. It's got to be a single malt for that price though(haha)-but Food & Wine wrote a nice article about...
  4. I

    Final vs Mana

    I'm not sure how many people remember the Mana series but its one of my favorites. I have hours of memories play Legend of Mana. I most certainly spent more time on Mana than FF, but what does the forum think?
  5. christopherevan

    How's the experience playing FF15

    Tell a short summary of your experience playing FF15, you can include comparison between other series.
  6. EileenCruz

    News: Square Enix Spreads Holiday Cheer With Santa-Sized Sales This Holiday Season

    SQUARE ENIX Spreads Holiday Cheer With Santa-Sized Sales This Holiday Season Holiday Discounts of up to 60% on FINAL FANTASY titles, Secret of Mana, Romancing SaGa 2 and more LOS ANGELES (Dec. 21, 2017) -- SQUARE ENIX® has announced a special mobile sale during the season of holiday deals...
  7. potentialwriter

    Significance Of Playing Games

    Sometimes, when I am lonely, I feel like playing some computer games at the comfort of my home and get some pleasure after playing for just a little time. Logically, gaming makes me forget some emotional feelings and gets me balanced psychologically. I began to imagine how significant gaming can...
  8. Casual_Chemist

    Thoughts after completing Final Fantasy I

    Hi everyone, I am currently on a journey to play every Final Fantasy and just completed 1 yesterday. It was my first time going all the way through and figured I'd share my view on it. ( For reference, I played the GBA version) Overall, I think it is an important game in the franchise and was...
  9. mildredtabitha

    Is Final Fantasy overrated?

    Final fantasy is a very great video game and also very addictive. PS gamers praise it more than PC and android gamers. The mode of playing FF can make us look forward to play it again or make us get bored with FF. Personally, I feel FF is a great video game and it deserves all the praises. Do...
  10. EileenCruz

    Final Fantasy Fan Art

    This thread is for our favorite fan art from twitter and facebook. Cactuar and Mog
  11. mildredtabitha

    Your best time for playing final fantasy game is?

    Is it after breakfast? Is it late at night? Is it when you are mad and need something to distract your feelings? Is it when your friends are around because you want to show them you are the master of the game? Share your experience about playing a final fantasy series and the times you enjoy...
  12. T

    Final Fantasy Tactics Album Now Available

    Todd Black submitted a new blog post Final Fantasy Tactics Album Now Available Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  13. Jeffrey Harris

    Final Fantasy Anniversary Projects Get Teased

    Jeffrey Harris submitted a new blog post Final Fantasy Anniversary Projects Get Teased Continue reading the Original Blog Post.