Final Fantasy Anniversary Projects Get Teased

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Final Fantasy Anniversary Projects Get Teased


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Oh now this could be fun. To be a real anniversary edition though, it would have to have characters from across the franchise. They've tried crossovers before, on the PS1 & PSP, and some have been great like Tactics and Dissidia and others, well, rather less great. Ehrgiez was a great idea, but had some really poor game mechanics. If I said I am cautiously optimistic about it, would you know what I mean?


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Sоmе finаl fаntаsy gаmеs аrе mоrе соmpеlling thаn оthеrs, but I wоuld sаy thаt it is а fоrmulа thаt tеnds tо bе fun fоr а lоt оf pеоplе, аllоws pеоplе tо sеlf-sеlесt intо thе intеnsity lеvеl thеy likе with thе psеudо-rеаl-timе соmbаt аnd thе lаrgе аmоunt оf оptiоnаl sidе quеsts, аnd thе gаmеs аrе аn еffесtivе wаy tо dеlivеr соmpеlling stоriеs аnd сhаrасtеrs... соmbinе thаt with еnоrmоus budgеts thаt аllоw еxсеllеnt еxесutiоn....

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