A long time ago, a show called Veronica Mars and I used to be friends. The story of a scrappy, smart-mouthed amateur detective in a class-divided coastal community was well-written and made Kristen Bell a star, but people often forget how perilous its tightrope walk along the TV business wire was. The fact that the original run has even three seasons is a miracle.

Its first two seasons were on UPN, considered the lowest broadcast network in its day (and in its dying years to boot). When The WB and UPN merged to form The CW, there were suddenly only half the spaces available for returning shows, and Veronica Mars somehow made it through with the stipulation that she stick to smaller mystery arcs and that her theme song get eviscerated. Making the show worse didn’t help the ratings, and the show was anticlimactically cancelled without an ending.

Years later, a new invention called “crowdfunding” had the potential to bring Veronica Mars back to life, and give the show’s fans the closure they’d dreamed of. They responded in droves. The Veronica Mars Kickstarter set a record for the site and gave creator Rob Thomas six million to play with. Veronica finally had her happy ending.

Except…..it……didn’t end.

Veronica is back once again; older, wiser, probably snarkier, and following in her dad’s footsteps as a PI for hire. An eight episode miniseries, taking place in Neptune over one Spring Break weekend, will appear on Hulu this July. While we’re happy to see her one more time, there is one possibility that makes us uneasy.

It’s anyone’s guess if this new venture is going to wind up undoing the coupleship of Veronica and Logan, which fans fought for (with money, even)…no one knows if the miniseries is going to ruin the movie’s ending, but we really really hope not. Instead of packages of marshmallows, Rob Thomas would be sent live tasers.

The re-return of Veronica Mars premieres on Hulu July 26. The first teaser was released today.

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