Final Fantasy has had its own mobile game, Brave Exvius, for some time now — but Square’s lesser-known Star Ocean series just got its first one last month. To welcome the newcomers to the freemium scene, and to cross-promote both games, some of the more well-known Star Ocean characters will be appearing in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for a limited time.

Star Ocean’s biggest star to date is Rena because she was the focus point of the series’ best moment, the PS1 game Star Ocean: The Second Story. Runner-up would be Fayt from Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time on the PS2. Both these characters were summonable in the Japanese version of Brave Exvius, yet were for some reason excised from the English version. Well, no more….you can call them forth now, along with Fidel and Roddick from other games, plus Reimi who is only a raid summon.

That’s five Star Ocean characters, and you can use them during a new raid event where you must battle against Jie Revorse from the original STAR OCEAN game. If you’d like to do so, make haste — the Star Ocean stuff will only be in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius until August 9.