Now that E3 is over, we’re going to be re-capping the glut of information about the key titles that were on show, just in case you missed anything in among the madness. This out our post E3 wrap up covering absolutely everything Bloodborne.


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Everything Bloodborne

The Basics

Developed by From Software | Published by Sony| Genre Third-Person Action RPG | Release Date TBA| Platforms PS4

What We Learnt At E3

  • Bloodborne is the official name of the PS4 exclusive RPG from Dark/Demon’s Souls developer From Software – the game went under the name Project Beast until it was announced at E3.
  • Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki insists Bloodborne is not a sequel to Dark or Demon’s Souls.
  • Sony approached From Software in 2012 to create an original game for new hardware.
  • Bloodborne takes place in a location named Yharnham.
  • Bloodborne will have guns, but Miyazaki and his team worked to ensure the game didn’t turn into a shooter.
  • The team are focusing on “exploration of the unknown”.
  • Yharnham has been stricken by the Plague, leading to infected citizens.
  • The difficulty and challenge of the Souls games will remain in Bloodborne.
  • Your weapons will transform – the melee weapon from the trailer is part scythe, part saw. Changing tactically will be essential for fighting the bosses.
  • Yharnham is “going to challenge you as the environment changes and enemies move around the level in unexpected ways.”
  • Players will have the option to help or leave other hunters.
  • Officially the release date is “early 2015” although a page on the online PSN Store states the release date as March 31 2015.



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