At E3 2014, Warner Bros. Interactive provided a special, behind-closed-doors first look presentation for Batman: Arkham Knight.  The developers at Rocksteady Games presented an extended preview featuring actual gameplay footage and a look at the game’s new combat techniques as well as stealth and predator takedowns.  Also, let’s not forget the ability to actually use the Batmobile.  The first look demo gave an in-depth look at using the Batmobile in both Pursuit Mode and Battle Mode.

The demo appears to take place sometime after the start of the game.  Batman, in his spiffy new high-tech suit, is investigating the Ace Chemicals plant that is set up as its own personal island.  Commissioner Jim Gordon is there with some other members of GCPD.  We learn the chemical plant has been overtaken by Scarecrow and his forces, and the plant is Batman’s top lead on where to find Scarecrow’s fear toxin bomb.  Based on the dialogue and gameplay video, plus some recent videos we’ve seen, the Scarecrow appears to be the mastermind and main villain behind this latest plot.  The gate to the plant is closed and Scarecrow is trying to keep Batman out.  Batman and Gordon advance forward, and they are intercepted by a chopper, piloted by none other than the game’s new villain, the Arkham Knight.  The Arkham Knight is ready to do battle with Batman, but Scarecrow orders the Arkham Knight to stand down and return to the plant.

Batman Arkham Knight - 10

The demo actually offers a good look at the Arkham Knight.  His voice is mechanically altered, but he appears to sound like a youthful male.  The voice, tone, and demeanor of the Arkham Knight are rather petulant.  He also harbors a personal vendetta against Batman and wants revenge.  Well, that does not necessarily narrow down the list of potential suspects.  However, based on his tone of voice and demeanor, his character is highly reminiscent of former Robin, Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood.  Now, this automatically makes me believe Arkham Knight is likely Red Hood.  But then, I figure that could be too obvious an answer from Rocksteady.  So, my other two theories for the Arkham Knight’s identity are Damian Wayne or Thomas Elliott, aka Hush.  We did meet and encounter Hush in one of the side missions for Arkham City.  But there, his mission was to steal Bruce Wayne’s identity.  In the mission, Hush appeared unaware of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego as Batman.  That status could have changed.  However, the Arkham Knight does not seem to act as Hush did, meticulously manipulating events from the shadows.

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