Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: in a dystopian society, prisoners are made to fight for human entertainment. It’s a plot movies have overused repeatedly, most recently with dinosaurs involved. There are no large prehistoric lizards in Division 19, Uncork’d latest, but unlike that other movie, it WILL get a limited theatrical release.

This particular barbarian business venture is called Panopticon TV — a panopticon is a prison format that discourages escapees by having all the cells face the warden’s office in a circular direction. One inmate has managed to get away from this circus — but the warden has his little brother, and figures he’s the perfect bait. The escapee must now figure out how to spring his sibling without getting re-captured himself.

Division 19 was written and directed by S A Halewood, and stars Linus Roache (Mandy), and Alison Doody (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), Jamie Draven (Billy Elliot), Lotte Verbeek (“Outlander”), Clarke Peters (“Jessica Jones”), L. Scott Caldwell (“Lost”) and Will Rothhaar (“Grimm”). The list of theaters getting a screening of the film has yet to be revealed, but if it’s not playing near you, you’ll be able to catch it on demand the same day — April 5.

In the future, prisons have been turned into online portals where paying subscribers get to vote on what felons eat, watch, wear and who they fight. Panopticon TV is so successful it is about to be rolled out to a whole new town. When the world’s most downloaded felon escapes, the authorities set a trap to reel him in. The bait is his little brother who has so far managed to avoid detection.

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