Once a week, a group of professional voice actors gets together, turns on the camera, and livestreams themselves playing tabletop games. The series is called Critical Role, and now these cartoon actors would like to put their voices to work on an actual cartoon using the storyline their play sessions have cooked up.

They’ve proposed Critical Role: The Legend Of Vox Machina, an animated special starring their characters from the game. The cast would be voiced by them, of course, written by their friends in the industry, and animated by Titmouse Studios (Big Mouth, The Venture Bros., Metalocalypse, tons of other shows).

Does Critical Role have the support to pull such a weighty endeavor off? And how! Response to their Kickstarter was immediate and massive. As of this writing CR has raised $6,310,000 from its initial $750,000 goal. That’s correct: they asked for 750 thou to play with, and they’re getting over six million. This should be a nice-looking cartoon!

Because of the high revenue total, Critical Role has enough bucks to turn the once singular special into an entire season. Six episodes have now been fully funded. Within a day that total should shoot to eight, and the next goal will fund ten. CR will have no problem reaching it….there are 42 days left in the campaign.

Want to be a part of Kickstarter history? Critical Role doesn’t really need your help at this point, but if you pledge, you can get stuff like plushies, dice sets, playing cards, art prints and sticker sets. What about a DVD or a Blu-ray of the actual thing you’re funding? Uhh, we don’t see those listed. Maybe CR is hoping for a network or streaming deal and figures signing away the home video rights would make negotiations harder. This is just our guess, but in any event the absence of physical media, or even a download code, is odd.

If all goes well during production, Critical Role: The Legend Of Vox Machina will be released in the fall of 2020 on….something.