Other Tales Interactive has developed Tick Tock: A Tale For Two — a unique puzzle game that’s launched on PC, Mac and mobile platforms today.

The title means more than you think….this truly is a tale for two because one person alone cannot play it. It’s a co-op game that requires two and only two players (so no third guy; he’ll have to wait his turn).

In Tick Tock, the both of you are each trapped in a different clockwork world. You’re given one piece of a puzzle, while your friend is given another piece. You can’t look at your friend’s screen (at least, you’re not supposed to), but the only way to escape and solve each riddle is to pool your knowledge and cooperate. Friends can either play Tick Tock in person, or remotely via voice chat apps like Discord.

“We are extremely proud to launch the game we dreamed of making 3 years ago. A game where players need to band together, new friendships will be made and existing ones strengthened!’” says Tanja Lind Tankred of Other Tales Interactive. “It’s exciting to see our creation in the hands of players and we hope people will have great experiences playing Tick Tock: A Tale for Two together.”

And mow, for a limited time, your friends can mooch! Buy one copy of Tick Tock (the game costs $5.99), and get a second download key free. The offer lasts for the next ten days. Who gets the free copy is up to you. Pick someone who won’t betray you!