Here are a couple of collectibles recently revealed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, makers of merch related to fan-favorite properties.

First up is the reveal of Season 3 in the Rick & Morty Trading Card Set. Within each sealed pack, you’ll find three sketch cards and an Autograph Card signed by a member of the Rick & Morty voice cast (this includes co-creator Justin Roiland). What good is that, you ask? If you have the knowhow and access to a garage laboratory, you can extract their DNA from the cards and clone them! Do with the clones whatever you wish.

Now here’s a cool thing: some of the packs will randomly include the “Final Cut” memorabilia card. These contain a piece of a script from the TV show. We don’t mean a copy, we mean an actual piece of the script that Cryptozoic savagely cut up. The Rick & Morty Season 3 cards aren’t available in stores or hobby shops — you can only get them directly through Cryptozoic.

In completely unrelated news, the same company is also now selling the Wonder Woman: Princess of Themascyra statue. This figure measures at 14 inches high and is intended to evoke the look of an ancient Greek statue, albeit with gold accents. It’s made of polyresin and is available now while limited supplies last.

Bringing things back around to Rick & Morty, Cryptozoic are also the makers of the Morty Zone dice game which recently came out. That makes three things, but there are plenty more…head to Cryptozoic’s website to see all their holiday shopping offerings.