Late last year developer Plausible Concept and publisher Raw Fury released the real-time strategy game Bad North. Now, taking feedback from the community into account, the dev team has improved the game on several levels and released the enhanced version as Bad North: Jotunn Edition. It’s free for those who have the original, and all who buy the game henceforth.

In Bad North you’re the newly appointed king of a small island, and the Viking hordes want to plunder your home badly. You must command and defend the island — which will be a different size and shape in each game — and use your resources and best strategy tactics to fend off the Vikings. Lose a soldier, and he’s gone. Lose the island and it’s gone as well. (You can always reboot and get another one, but it’s the principle…)

In the Jotunn Edition, you can expect new gameplay elements and systems, including the ability to select and start with commanders, selectable hero traits for each commander that give a unique attribute, four new items, a new enemy type, changes to the campaign itself like checkpoint islands that save progress mid-campaign, and a Very Hard difficulty mode for the hardcore only. Plus much more.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is live today for Windows and Mac, and can be found on Steam, GOG, Discord and Kartridge. The console version of this upgrade will be released in a few weeks. A physical version of Bad North will be made available via Limited Run this fall.