Exospecies, a PvP strategy game developed by Microsoft veteran/Xbox One Operating System co-lead Eric Zinda, will be making its debut on iOS at the end of this month.

Earth has slowly-but-surely been taken over by invading alien tribes. The invasion eventually results in generalized casualties, starvation – and even the loss of the planet itself. With little resources left to fight with, humans have now begrudgingly joined forces with a number of friendly “exospecies” to ward off future invasions and reclaim the planet for humankind and its new allies.

What makes Exospecies different from other turn-based strategy titles of its type? The fact that both players take their turns at the same time. The battle is constantly moving, so you’ve got to think quickly and adapt your strategy at a moment’s notice. Your allies will have various powers that you can use to your advantage such as Slug Trail, which covers your tracks with electric goo that will hurt the opposition, Loyalize, which causes ally units to deal more damage when together, or Repel, which does what it says.

  • Simultaneous turn-based strategy: Both players take turns at the same time for fast turn-based play.
  • Two single-player campaigns: Players take command of their militia in a series of battles against two AIs – the beginner-friendly “Ni jel-un” or the fiendish “Maria.”
  • Multiplayer 24/7: Matchmaking allows players to find worthy opponents online or play against friends.
  • Tons of species: Players can create strategic opportunities with special actions such as Space-Time Bend, Slug Trail, Hell Jelly – and many more!
  • Combined arms: Actions can be combined to dramatically increase their effectiveness.
  • Custom maps: Players can battle against AI, friends, and random human opponents in custom habitats using the Map Editor.
  • Multiple games at the same time: Multiple human or AI opponents can be battled simultaneously!

Exospecies will be launching on the Apple App Store July 31; it is free with in-app purchases.

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