Tales From The Loop is one of Free League Publishing’s most successful tabletop games, taking place in an alternate 1980s where weird monsters roam the countryside. It’s inspired spinoffs, been re-adapted as a board game, been re-envisioned as a TV series, and more. But until now, there was no official way of playing it online.

Now there is. Free League announced today the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop now supports an official module for Tales From The Loop. The module contains everything the core physical version does: the rulebook, including the Four Seasons of Mad Science campaign, VTT-ready maps and diagrams, player handouts ready to share, and a new official online character sheet with a customized virtual dice roller.

In Tales from The Loop, particle accelerator experiments conducted decades prior seem to have bridged the gap between our world and another one. Machines are malfunctioning for mysterious reasons, and unknown creatures no one has ever seen before are roaming the land. As one of the pint-sized kid characters that Tales From The Loop focuses on, your reaction can be summed up in one word: “Cool!” You and your friends decide to investigate and get close to the phenomena as you can. The game is inspired by the paintings of visual artist Simon Stålenhag.

The Roll20 Virtual Tabletop version of Tales From The Loop is available now at a price of $24.99.