With the end of the year release of the new Call of Duty 9, which will most likely be subtitled Black Ops 2, one feature that keeps being stressed by fans for the new installment to have is dedicated servers. The first release of Black Ops had a huge problem with lag, which made gameplay extremely annoying. Gamers experienced stuttering, frame-delays, low frame-rates while in any session of multiplayer. Even after some bug fixes the problem really didn’t go away.

The main reason for this issue was that Black Ops only currently supports P2P hosting. While peer-2-peer hosting seems to suffice for console gamers, this just isn’t the case for PC gamers. Activision and Treyarch had promised dedicated servers after all the issues that kept arising from the first release of Black Ops’ slow gameplay, but didn’t quite deliver to the fans. After Activision and Treyarch had announced the so-called dedicated server option, it came to the disappointment of fans that only a single, slow, server host in Australia would be provided by Gameservers.com. With leaks and rumors reporting that this new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 could possibly see the dedicated server issue resolved, could the release be another mega hit or could it collapse the franchise as we know it?

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