Ecuadorian studio Freaky Creations has just published To Leave, an action platformer with a deep hidden message. Exploring mental issues like clinical depression and self-harm, To Leave stars a young man searching for meaning — literally, by using his magic door to fly around and collect energy.

The energy is called Vibrance, and if Harm (the character’s name) doesn’t collect enough of it, or takes too much damage, despair will overtake him. Once enough Vibrance is collected, Harm can use it to break open locks and open new paths. The ultimate goal is to activate something called the Origin Gate and escape.

To Leave was born of a desire to create a ‘digital talisman’ – interactive software that allows players to experience pure ecstasy, rage, and joy,” says Jorge Blacio, producer at Freaky Creations. “Calling To Leave a ‘game’ ends up being too limiting – and we’re incredibly proud of the finished product.”

  • Experience a lyrical, awe-inspiring platformer that ignores genre boundaries.
  • Savor a stunning, handcrafted world full of color and danger.
  • Immerse yourself in a gripping, emotional narrative that doesn’t hold back.
  • Enter Harm’s mind though detailed diaries that chronicle his journey of self-discovery.
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack that reflects the beautiful yet dissonant nature of the game’s many worlds.
  • Explore the peaks and valleys of manic depression through a powerful mix of story and gameplay.

To Leave is not only a pretty game, but a cheap one — right now, during its introductory week, it’s only $7.99. On October 11 it will revert to its normal price of $9.99. Look for it on Steam and the Playstation Store.