The Witcher 3: Complete Edition is out on Nintendo Switch! They’ve done the impossible and shrunken EVERYTHING into a Switch game card: the entire original campaign, the two expansions, and the mountains of DLC…it’s all in there, and portable!

Confession time: I haven’t actually played this game yet. I technically own a copy ($2 at a yard sale) but I haven’t touched it, because I’ve been waiting for the Switch version. I’ve heard about how huge this game is and what a time commitment it has to be, especially when all the bonus content is factored in….and in my opinion, that kind of thing is best done on a device you can simply whip out and burn extra minutes on whenever those minutes become available.

There are others who disagree, and insist the epic scope of The Witcher 3 should ONLY be experienced on the biggest screen possible, with the highest detail available, and this is neither. Granted, I’ve seen the comparison videos of Geralt’s feet emerging from the tub, one being PC-generated and authentic enough to fool a doctor, and the other being a globbly blob-like appendage that looks like it came from a candy store. The point has been made. But if I witch exclusively on Switch, and I never know anything but the blobby foot, how would I truly tell the difference?

I can’t make the decision for you. Either get the Switch Witcher 3, or don’t. But you might want to know it’s currently $50 at Amazon and Walmart (its MSRP is $60). The ten dollar discount puts it on the same price level as its PS4 and XBox One counterparts (and other outlets may do price matching), so even if it can’t hold up to them graphically, at least your wallet won’t know the difference.

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