Aliens are about to attack the Earth, but they made one tactical error that’s gonna cost them: they abducted Mateo and Carter. Imprisoned in a secret underground alien base, they soon learn the extraterrestrials’ full plans, and plot a scheme to escape, defeat their captors and warn the planet. That’s the plot of The Unearthians, a new comic series to be told in twelve chapters.

The Unearthians is the result of two years of hard work from comic creator Omar Mora, who is self-publishing the 12-issue sci-fi epic. “I’m so happy that we’re finally going to release The Unearthians,” says Mora. “It’s been 2 years of non-stop work. I’m so proud of our series. I can’t wait for you to see the amazing art by Mauricio Alvarez, the incredible colors by Edwin Estrada, and the clever lettering by HdE. The art will blow your mind!”

The Unearthians, a 12-issue comic book series, features an action-packed sci-fi narrative in which two best friends are abducted by aliens and imprisoned in an underground base on Earth. While in captivity, Mateo and Carter discover the dark agenda that the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire galaxy. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret which they will use to their advantage. Good and evil collide when this unconventional team comes together to battle the fascist regime. In addition to being an action-packed sci-fi thriller, it is a warm, honest, happy, and very human story.

The Unearthians will be available in a select number of comic shops, mostly around the Los Angeles area, but you stand a far better chance of finding it through Mora’s website, It’s also available digitally on Comixology.

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