Soon you can own Volume 1 of SPACE BASTARDS, the intergalactic tale of mayhem and funemployment, in your very own home….but only if you act now. The hardcover collection of this comic book, written by Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey, will only be available for five more days. It contains art by Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys, Happy!), Simon Bisley (Lobo, Slaine), Boo Cook (Elephantmen), Colin MacNeil (America, Judge Dredd), and Clint Langley (ABC Warriors, 2000AD).

In the future, America has taken to the cosmos, but infrastructure is lacking. Getting mail between planets is damn near impossible.  SOMEONE (me) came up with the idea that these packages may just make it to their destination if the person delivering them knew their life depended on it.

Welcome to the INTERGALACTIC POSTAL SERVICE.  Here, you do not have a boss.  You don’t have paperwork.  There’s only three rules:

  • Whoever delivers the package gets the cash.
  • Any postal worker can use any means necessary to steal that package and deliver it themselves.
  • The more a package changes hands, the more fees the customer pays.  Those fees go to the lucky soul that completes the delivery.

Holes abound in this premise: what kind of consumer would be okay with being unsure of their delivery fee until the moment their package arrives? And why would any Space Bastard risk their lives over a theoretical big score when they could guarantee a large payout by simply trading the package back and forth between them voluntarily, telling no one? We don’t know. But we probably weren’t expected to think about this too hard.

Like we said, the Kickstarter for Space Bastards Vol. 1 expires five days from now, so the time to secure a copy with a $30 pledge is nigh. You can read previews on the Kickstarter page itself, and through the links provided on said page.

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