Strap on your sentient armor and head into battle as KILL la KILL – IF slashes its way onto Western consoles. This 3D arena fighting game comes into being from Arc System Works, creators of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. The game uses an alternate storyline from the series, but one personally supervised by the original writer.

“Almost 6 years since Studio TRIGGER’s mega-hit KILL la KILL aired, we are very excited to finally be able to bring this game to you,” says Takeshi Yamanaka, producer at Arc System Works. “During development, everyone at Arc System Works and A Plus Games most certainly heard all the American fans’ voices across the pond. I’m personally very pleased that under the watchful eye of Studio TRIGGER, we were able to re-create the the original costumes in the game (lol), and I know all of you American fans might be worried you’re missing out on the cover art… but pro-tip: (whispers) turn it around.”

  • BRAND NEW STORY – Experience “Another KILL la KILL”, a brand new story line supervised under the original scenario writer, Kazuki Nakashima!
  • SIMPLE YET DEEP MECHANICS – Dominate your opponent with deep mind games, and devastate them with stunning animations.
  • CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE – Pick your fighter from a roster of unique and charismatic characters, ripped straight from the anime! Both Mako Mankanshoku and the Ultimate Double Naked DTR will be joining the roster of KILL la KILL – IF in the future as free DLC.
  • KETSUI TESTAMENT – Activate your Ketsui Burst and hit your opponent to start the Rock-Paper-Scissors debate! Win to increase your Ketsui Level and become more powerful.
  • FIBER LOST SECRET ARTS – Reach the highest Ketsui Level and unleash spectacular attacks on your opponent!
  • KILL la KILL BROUGHT TO LIFE – The look and the feel of the original anime series recreated with 3D cel-shading technology!
  • RELIVE THE MOMENTS – Your favorite scenes from the original series are revived with stunning visuals and cinematics!
  • 3D ARENA ACTION – Maneuver around the 3D battlefield with ease, and perform devastating combos on your opponents!
  • STUDIO TRIGGER – KILL la KILL – IF was created under the watchful eye of Studio TRIGGER, who are accepting of nothing but the highest of quality.

“If you were a fan of the original, you will 200% enjoy this game,” promises Yamanaka. “And, even if you’re not familiar with KILL la KILL, you’ll be blown away by the insane animation.” KILL la KILL – IF is now available on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.