By now you’re familiar with Free League Publishing’s Tales From The Loop, the tabletop game released in 2017 about kids in the 80s fighting Lovecraftian monsters (any similarity between that premise and a popular TV show is completely coincidental, we’re sure). Tales From The Loop has done well enough for Free League that they’ve announced an expansion, Out Of Time, will be released this fall.

This time, they’re going beyond the Big Hair Decade and traveling through history, encountering monsters throughout millennia! Can the Wheelers and the Byerses say they’ve done THAT? Out Of Time was written by Rickard Antroia (Emissary Lost) and Nils Hintze (author of the original Tales from the Loop core game). You can expect more mysteries to solve and more gorgeous art by Simon Stålenhag.

Travel through time to save the world – just make sure you’re home for dinner. Out of Time, an exciting new expansion to the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop roleplaying game, based on the wondrous worlds of visual artist Simon Stålenhag, will be released on October 8.

In this box you not only get the 128-page hardback book to begin your adventure with, but tools to generate additional mysteries, a full mystery landscape called “Classified,” and a collection of mini-adventures based on hit songs. This game is also compatible with Things From The Flood, the sequel that takes place in the 1990s. Look for it all next month.

As far as the future is concerned, Amazon purchased rights to a Tales From The Loop TV series and are currently developing it for Prime Video, because Bezos is jelly of Stranger Things and wants his own Strange Thing badly. Hopefully they won’t turn it into a complete ripoff.

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