Tired of the twisting, tangled roads in your city and feel you could do better? Now’s your chance to prove it. New Zealand dev team Dinosaur Polo Club is bringing their city management sim Mini Motorways to Apple Arcade. They are the same team behind Mini Metro, a similar sim about plotting out a subway system.

There’s a new city being built, and It’s your job to plan out the flow of the streets. Pick the most efficient way for citizens to reach their destinations. Keep up with demand and a growing population. Be prepared to rebuild and reroute when unexpected complications occur. Eventually you’ll have to keep multiple cities connected and humming!

“For our next game we wanted to explore how we could bring Mini Metro’s minimalist approach to another familiar transportation challenge,” explains Robert Curry, Co-Director of Dinosaur Polo Club. “Traffic congestion is something that many people experience daily, and road network design is a complex and ever-changing problem as cities continue to grow. Mini Motorways puts this challenge in the hands of the player, letting them use their creativity to build a better road network.”

Mini Motorways will be available on Apple Arcade when it launches September 19 (hey, that’s tomorrow). You’ll be able to start plotting out your roadways within hours.