As of today you can check out Noahmund, the strategy RPG from Spanish studio Estudio Àbrego, on Steam.

Using Final Fantasy Tactics as inspiration, Noahmund takes place on grid-movement fields with painterly visuals rendered in 3D. The difference between it and most other strategy RPGs like it is that Noahmund isn’t turn-based. The battles will take place in real time and the monsters won’t wait to advance. You must make quick decisions if you want to defeat your enemies!

“The day is finally here. Noahmund has ‘left the nest’ and is now available to the whole world,” says Alejandro Domínguez, CEO & lead programmer at Estudio Àbrego. “We’re so incredibly thankful for the support we’ve received throughout development. We wouldn’t be here without our fans, families, and everyone else who ever wanted to see Noahmund on Steam.”

  • Enjoy an engaging storyline filled with deep mythology, unique characters, and menacing foes.
  • Experience a challenging, tactical, real-time combat system where proper positioning and timing are critical to victory!
  • Explore vast worlds filled with dungeons and puzzles featuring a classic board game node-based exploration system.
  • Upgrade your characters and learn powerful abilities to defeat your enemies.
  • Lose yourself in Noahmund’s beautiful, award-winning soundtrack.

Even in its preelease beta form, Nohamund managed to win two awards at Málaga’s Gamepolis festival. It’s available now for $14.99, but only until August 9 — then it will revert to its normal price of $19.99. You can also get the soundtrack and digital artbook by paying extra.

The land of Feros is at war. Galina Angstroud, an agent of Shinn, is the only one willing to search and destroy Salaber’s most powerful weapon – deployed months ago with deadly results. As Feros burns, Gallina begins a journey for truth and salvation accompanied by her loyal guardian, Berani Valenti – fighting against the odds to end the war between the North and South … and save lives.

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