Square’s latest update to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is live now. This time, the events are Final Fantasy VIII-themed.

Squall, Rinoa and Zell are now summons, and can be added to your team. Players can join SeeD, go on missions, defeat assigned bosses and reap rewards. On August 8 the FF8 exploration dungeon will open, with even more potential prizes inside.

Square has also made it possible to upgrade units up to 7 stars. The list of upgradable characters includes Lightning, Dark Knight Cecil, Luneth, Orlandeau, Gilgamesh, Olive, Seabreeze Dark Fina, Dark Fina, Wilhelm, Marie, Ramza and Delita, with the tease of “more.”

Square will also be launching a Brave Exvius event that takes place in the real world. The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Fan Festa 2018 will be held December 8-9 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Tickets for the event are available now via the Showclix page: http://sqex.to/fanfesta2018. For further updates and information, keep an eye on https://ffbefanfesta.com.

final fantasy brave exvius

During the event, players can join the elite mercenary group, SeeD from FINAL FANTASY VIII, to defeat powerful enemies and earn rewards. Iconic characters Squall, Rinoa, and Zell are also available through a featured summon and can join players’ teams. Squall and Rinoa have been enhanced from their Japanese counterparts for the global audience. Beginning August 8, 2018, players can also venture into the FINAL FANTASY VIII exploration dungeon to earn additional rewards.