Publisher All in! Games has just announced lots of exciting news about the challenging fantasy tactical game Fort Triumph! The turn-based title has received a new Christmas update and is already planning more quests. Stay tuned because a discount is coming too: during the Steam Winter Sale interested players can save 33% on the game!

In addition to its exciting new content, All in! Games will be bringing Fort Triumph to PAX East in Boston, USA in February 2020. Visit the All in! Games booth at the event to play the game!

Fort Triumph, scheduled for a full release in 2020, is a challenging and fun fantasy-themed turn-based tactics game. It can be described as part XCOM, part Heroes of Might and Magic III. You lead a band of heroes, each with a different set of abilities, through procedural maps with interactive environments, dealing with dangers and facing the risk of sudden permadeath at any moment.

The game is available in English, German, Russian and Polish (interface and subtitles).

Major changes and improvements:

– Added a second act to the dedicated story mode campaign.

– Added local multiplayer support. This allows players to play with/against multiple players/AI controlled factions.

– All strategic maps are now fully procedurally generated and support having much larger maps.

– Improved visuals for in-game environments and maps.