Shenmue 3 is so close, we can feel the punches. The latest trailer from Sega, Ys Net and Deep Silver hit the Net this morning, and they make one thing clear: Ryo’s fists will get a workout.

Of course, getting into fist fights is only part of the Shenmue experience. There’s also wandering around, taking on odd jobs, buying useless trinkets from vending machines, and wasting your money at the arcade. We actually got a glimpse at the arcade games that will be available this time. The expected QTE simulator is there, and so is a pachinko machine, but will Sega be slipping in another of their arcade classics? They might just decide those are better off sold separately.

Far more people are disappointed by Deep Silver’s decision to accept an Epic Games Store exclusivity deal than in the prospect of not having Hang-On or Space Harrier. Ys Net is working on a refund system so that anyone who absolutely CANNOT play PC games from anyone besides Steam (why, exactly?) can get their money back, as they demanded. For this to happen, changes to the backer survey system have to be made, which Ys Net says are still in progress.

There will also be a trial demo coming soon, for the PC version only. Ys Net says, “The trial version will feature a stand-alone act with objective that takes place in the first area of Shenmue III, Bailu Village. The game will be playable for an estimated 1 hours, and will be replayable after the objective has been cleared. There are lots of activities to experience and we hope you go back for more until the trial expires.”

Shenmue 3 launches November 18 for Playstation 4 and PC.

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